Zayed Khan is not worthy of me: Hero Alam

Zayed Khan is not worthy of me: Hero Alam

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Zayed Khan is not worthy of me, Hero Alam Bogra's son Ashraful Alam or Hero Alam is always in the discussion. Although he started his media career with a music video, he is now producing movies and making his debut as a seminar hero. Currently, he is popularly known as Hero Alam on social media.

Why did you want to come to the media?
Hiro Alam: Look, you know, I am from a poor family. I have no appearance, no height. I used to do music videos. From there the interest in coming to the media is created. My visitors brought me here today.

How was your day in the city of powder? What would you do?
Hero Alam: My hometown is Bogra. As many of you know, I used to sell pickles, chanachur, nuts in the area. Then let's start DIS business (DIS cable network). I started the music video to promote on that dis line. From then on the day began to change.
Chanachur-achar is easy to sell? Or is it easier to act?
Hiro Alam: Look, there is hard work. Each type of work is different. I think acting is a very difficult place. I still haven't learned acting. As long as I live, I will learn acting.

Zayed Khan is the general secretary of the Film Artists Association. What is your dispute with him?
Hero Alam: I don't know Zayed Khan personally. He is a big man. He knows very well why he is arguing with me. I don't think Zayed Khan deserves me. My fans are much more than that. I don’t consider him my equivalent.

Why did you announce the release of Bangladeshi movies?
Hero Alam: I am currently thinking of making a movie in Kolkata. I will start work soon. I am going to Calcutta next month. From there I will inform the journalist brothers about the seminar. In the future, I want to work with talented directors in our country. I will make as many movies as there are directors.

Many people make fun of you. How do you feel about this?
Hiro Alam: I will tell those who make fun of me, make fun of me, see, know me before you say anything about me. I am the son of Gari's house. I don't know how to read. You are the children of an educated and good family. Why would you laugh at me? I came here because I love you.

You are copying all the popular songs and giving your own melody and voice. What is its purpose?
Hiro Alam: I have said before that I am not a singer. My vocals are not good either. I sing as a hobby. You see that. If you don't like my song, don't listen. If you don't listen, there will be billions of views. So I say if you don't like me stay away from me.

Hero or comedian actor? What do you think of yourself?
Hero Alam: Of course I am a hero. I have never acted as a comedian. My audience has always seen me as the main character. I will do the same in the future. I am my own idol.