Travel agency in Singapore

Travel agency in Singapore

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Singapore’s great travel businesses surely recognize the desires of clients. They not best offer super programs with charming resorts, scrumptious meals, and relaxed transportation at reasonable charges however additionally guarantee problem-unfastened trips. Therefore, an awesome travel enterprise is clearly an fundamental resource for making the most of our trip, our time and our cash.

If you need to explore new fantastic locations however don’t have time to completely plan your trips, simply select up your smartphone and get in touch with one of the fine agencies for the satisfactory applications closer to your preferred destinations.


1.      7 Wonders Travels and Tours
2.      8th Wave Pte Ltd
3.      96 Travel & Tours Pte Ltd
4.      A+B Edu Tours and Travel Pte Ltd
5.      A&P Journeys LLP
6.      Ace Adventure Expeditions Pte Ltd
7.      Ace Tours & Travel Pte Ltd
8.      Actxplorer Pte Ltd
9.      Alpha Marine Pte Ltd
10.  Airelated Travel Pte Ltd
11.  Apple World Travel Pte Ltd 
12.  Ascent Travel Pte Ltd
13.  Asia Plus Traveling Pte Ltd
14.  Asler Travel Services Pte Ltd
15.  Atlas Travelz Pte Ltd
16.  ATG Tours Pte Ltd
17.  Aurelius Travel Pte Ltd
18.  Aveson Travel Pte Ltd
19.  Azure Holidays Pte Ltd
20.  Azza Travel & Tours Pte Ltd
21.  B & A Travel Pte Ltd 
22.  BBSISTERS Walking Tours
23.  Bstone Travel Pte Ltd
24.  Betel Box Asia Pte Ltd
25.  Better Trails Pte Ltd
26.  Bike Around Tour
27.  BKK Travel Pte Ltd
28.  Boon Keng Travel & Tours Pte Ltd
29.  Buffalo Tours (S) Pte Ltd
30.  Business in Vogue Pte Ltd
31.  Cambiaso & Risso (Singapore) Pte Ltd
32.  Camp High Achievers Pte Ltd
33.  Cebu Air Travel & Tours Pte Ltd 
34.  Century Holiday International Travel Service Singapore Pte Ltd
35.  CF Divers Pte Ltd
36.  Chan Brothers Travel Pte Ltd
37.  Chinatown Complex Hawkers’ Association
38.  Citizen Adventures Private Limited
39.  Citi Supply Tours and Holidays Pte Ltd
40.  City Scoot Pte Ltd
41.  City Tours & Car Rentals Pte Ltd
42.  Cobb & Coach Services Pte Ltd
43.  Colour Seven Tourism Pte Ltd
44.  Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation Pte Ltd
45.  Concepts Golf Management Pte Ltd
46.  Connection Plus Pte Ltd
47.  Continental Travel Singapore Pte Ltd
48.  Corporate Travel Management (s) Pte Ltd
49.  Corporate Travel Services Pte Ltd
50.  Creative Journey Pte Ltd
51.  Culture Curious Singapore Tours
52.  De Hayat Travel & Services Pte Ltd
53.  Deliveroo
54.  Destination Asia (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
55.  DHP Travel Pte Ltd
56.  Diethelm Travel (Singapore) Pte Ltd
57.  Dynasty Travel International Pte Ltd
58.  Easy-Fly Travel Pte Ltd
59. Pte Ltd
60.  Ecofieldtrips Pte Ltd
61.  Edible Garden City Pte Ltd
62.  EDN Media Pte Ltd
63.  Educational Bookings and Management
64.  Embassy Alliance Travel Pte Ltd
65.  Emperor International Travel Pte Ltd
66.  Ericson Travel Pte Ltd
67.  ETC SG
68.  EU Asia Holidays Pte Ltd
69.  EU Holidays Pte. Ltd.
70.  EXO Travel (Singapore) Co. Pte. Ltd.
71.  Fish2Go Pte Ltd
72.  Flamingo Travel Services Pte Ltd
73.  FOCUS Adventure Pte Ltd
74.  Friends of the Museums (FOM)
75.  Frontier Tours Pte Ltd
76.  Global Events Management & Travel Pte Ltd
77.  Global Singapore Associates Pte Ltd
78.  Global Travel Experts Pte Ltd
79.  Go Explorers Pte Ltd
80.  Goh Where Transportation and Tours
81.  Going Places Travel Pte Ltd
82.  Goldenbell Travel Pte. Ltd.
83.  Golden M Premium Holidays Pte. Ltd.
84.  Golden Travel Services Pte Ltd
85.  GTMC Travel Pte Ltd
86.  GVS Holidays Pte Ltd
87.  Happy Germans Pte Ltd
88.  Heartlink Holidays Pte Ltd
89.  H.I.S. International Travel Pte Ltd
90.  Hongda Holidays Pte Ltd
91.  Hong Thai Travel Services (S) Pte Ltd
92.  Hotel Airlines Services Pte Ltd 
93.  I.C.I.D Pte Ltd
94.  I-Asia Travel Management Pte Ltd
95.  Ik Chin Travel Service (s) Pte Ltd
96.  Incredible Odyssey Pte Ltd
97.  Indie Singapore Tours LLP
98.  International Bible Experiences Pte Ltd
99.  Intriq Journey Pte Ltd
100.                      ISE Travel Pte Ltd
101.                      JA Travel Pte Ltd
102.                      Jacco Tours (S) Private Limited
103.                      Jane’s Singapore Tours Pte Ltd
104.                      Japan Tours (Pte.) Ltd
105.                      Jarta (S) Pte Ltd
106.                      Jetwings International Pte Ltd
107.                      JFS Travel Pte Ltd
108.                      Jie Yun Tong Travel Pte Ltd
109.                      Joaquim Traveland Pte Ltd
110.                      Josco GSA Travel Pte Ltd
111.                      Journeys Pte Ltd
112.                      JQ Travel & Transport Pte Ltd
113.                      JTB Pte Ltd
114.                      Jun-Air Travel Pte Ltd
115.                      K&C Han Sing Travel Pte Ltd
116.                      Karana Travel Services Pte Ltd
117.                      Kayak Fishing Fever Pte Ltd
118.                      Kayakasia SG
119.                      Kent Holidays (S) Pte Ltd
120.                      Kim Travel Service Pte Ltd
121.                      KKKL Travel & Tours Pte Ltd
122.                      LC Travel Planners Pte Ltd
123.                      Let’s Go Tour Singapore Pte Ltd
124.                      Lighthouse Expeditions Pte Ltd
125.                      Lionheartlanders Pte Ltd
126.                      LRD Education (Pte.) Ltd
127.                      Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer
128.                      Luxury Coach Service
129.                      Luxury Tours & Travel Pte Ltd
130.                      Manlin Communications Pte Ltd
131.                      Marina South Ferries
132.                      Mastereign Learning Journeys Pte Ltd
133.                      Mega Travel Galaxy Pte Ltd
134.                      Meridian International Travel Pte Ltd
135.                      Migrant X Me LLP
136.                      Mi Travel Pte Ltd
137.                      Miu Travel Pte Ltd
138.                      Mount Faber Leisure Group Pte Ltd
139.                      My Community
140.                      Nam Ho Travel Service (S) Pte Ltd
141.                      National Heritage Board
142.                      National University of Singapore
143.                      Nanyang International Travel (Pte) Ltd
144.                      Nature Adventures SG
145.                      NTA Travel(S) Pte Ltd
146.                      oFFbeat Singapore LLP
147.                      Offbeat Tour Experiences 
148.                      OH Open House Limited
149.                      One15 Luxury Yachting Pte Ltd
150.                      OOSS Travel Pte Ltd
151.                      Oriental Travel and Tours LLP
152.                      Otter Tours 
153.                      Pac-West Travel (S) Pte Ltd
154.                      Pacific Arena Pte Ltd
155.                      People’s Association
156.                      PJE Group Pte Ltd
157.                      Planet Travel Pte Ltd
158.                      Prime Corporate Travel Company Pte Ltd
159.                      PrimeScape
160.                      Puda Puda LLP
161.                      Quotient Travelplanner Pte Ltd
162.                      Quantum Mavericks
163.                      Re-membering Pte Ltd
164.                      Resource Travel Pte Ltd
165.                      RMG Tours Pte Ltd
166.                      Rockerfellas Adventure Pte Ltd
167.                      Royal Wings Travel Singapore Pte Ltd
168.                      Ruixin Edutech Pte Ltd
169.                      Safe2Travel Pte Ltd
170.                      Satguru Travel & Tour and Shivam General Trading Pte Ltd
171.                      Sea Wheel Travel Pte Ltd
172.                      Sentosa Development Corporation
173.                      Shahidah Travel & Tours Pte Ltd
174.                      Siam Express Pte Ltd
175.                      Sian Chay Medical Institution
176.                      Singabites Pte Ltd
177.                      Singatour Pte Ltd
178.                      Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
179.                      Singapore City Explorers Pte Ltd
180.                      Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations
181.                      Singapore Cycling Tours LLP
182.                      Singapore DUCKtours Pte Ltd
183.                      Singapore Gold Fortune Travel Pte Ltd
184.                      Singapore History Consultants Pte Ltd
185.                      Singapore International Travel Service Pte Ltd
186.                      Singapore Kepin Tour Pte Ltd
187.                      Singapore River Cruise Pte Ltd
188.                      Singapour Sur Seine
189.                      SingExpress Travel Pte Ltd
190.                      Singtour International Pte Ltd
191.                      Sino-Way Travel Pte Ltd
192.                      Six Stars Tours and Services Pte Ltd
193.                      Smiling Travel Pte Ltd
194.                      Splendour Holidays Pte Ltd
195.                      Star City Tours Pte Ltd
196.                      STGS Tours Pte Ltd
197.                      Sung Hsien Travel Pte Ltd
198.                      Sunny Island Travel & Tours Pte Ltd
199.                      Sunrise Business Centre Pte Ltd
200.                      Super Travels Pte Ltd
201.                      Superior Coach & Tour Pte Ltd
202.                      Tasty Cultural Travel Singapore Pte Ltd
203.                      The Cycle Startup Pte Ltd
204.                      The Food Heroes Pte Ltd
205.                      The Hello Tourism Company Singapore Pte Ltd
206.                      The More I Travel Pte Ltd
207.                      The Travel Corporation (2011) Pte. Ltd.
208.                      The Traveller DMC Pte Ltd
209.                      The UFO Traveler Pte Ltd
210.                      The Untamed Paths
211.                      Three is Two Pte Ltd
212.                      Timesworld Travel and Educational Tours Pte Ltd
213.                      TLC Adventure Tours Pte Ltd
214.                      Tour Connections Pte Ltd
215.                      Tour East Singapore (1996) Pte Ltd
216.                      Tour in Singapore Pte Ltd
217.                      Tour Mount Bromo Pte Ltd
218.                      Tour Royale Services Pte Ltd
219.                      Toyou Travel Pte. Ltd.
220.                      Tradewinds Tours and Travel Pte Ltd
221.                      Transtar Travel Pte Ltd
222.                      Travcoach Pte Ltd
223.                      Travel GSH Pte Ltd
224.                      Travel Star Pte Ltd
225.                      Travel Wander LLP
226.                      TravelBy LLP
227.             Pte Ltd
228.                      Traveller101 Pte Ltd
229.                      Travelling with baobao
230.                      Travelways Pte Ltd
231.                      Travel Z2000 Tours Pte Ltd
232.                      Travelzone Network Services Pte Ltd
233.                      Trekkers Pte Ltd
234.                      Tribe Pte Ltd
235.                      Tripuri Aviation Pte Ltd
236.                      Triquetra Sidecars Pte Ltd
237.                      Trishaw Uncle Pte Ltd
238.                      TSI Travel
239.                      TYC Charters Pte Ltd
240.                      Ulu Singapore Pte Lrd
241.                      United Travels and Tours Pte Ltd
242.                      Universal Travel Corporation Pte Ltd
243.                      UOB Travel Planners Pte Ltd
244.                      Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)
245.                      Vegthiscity Singapore 
246.                      W Group Pte Ltd
247.                      Walk Walk Pte Ltd
248.                      Wanderlust Adventures Pte Ltd
249.                      Wanderlust Travel Pte Ltd
250.                      Water B Pte Ltd
251.                      Waterspot LLP
252.                      Whiz Adventures Pte Ltd
253.                      Wilfred Go Travelling & Hiking Pte Ltd
254.                      Wok n Stroll Pte Ltd
255.                      Wonder to Wander Pte Ltd
256.                      Woopa Travels Pte Ltd
257.                      World Express Pte Ltd 
258.                      Worldpass Holidays Pte Ltd
259.                      WTS Travel & Tours Pte Ltd
260.                      Xiang Long Holidays Pte Ltd
261.                      Xperience DMC Private Limited
262.                      X-Trekkers Adventure Consultant Pte Ltd
263.                      Yoo Han Travel Pte Ltd
264.                      Zenexperience Pte Ltd
265.                      Zipan Resort Travel Pte Ltd


1.      Abdul Rahim Bin Mohamad
2.      Adrian Tan Chong Beng
3.      Ang Kwong Wei
4.      Ang Lay Keng
5.      Ang Sock Kiang Joyce
6.      Cai Yinzhou
7.      Chai Huei Chuen
8.      Chan Ai Lee Iris
9.      Chan Soh Peng
10.  Chan Yik Cheong James
11.  Chee Beng Liat Lionel
12.  Chen Ching Wen, Karen
13.  Chen Qiuming Michelle
14.  Chew Keng Kiat
15.  Chey I-Shing
16.  Chia Bee Lian
17.  Chia Geok
18.  Chow Wah Chan
19.  Choy Kah Wai
20.  Cher Hwee Heong Christopher
21.  Chu Fook Tiang
22.  Chu Kin Fong
23.  Chua Mei Lai
24.  Chua Sek Chuan
25.  Chua Zhongyu, June
26.  Darren Goh Chin Teck
27.  Diana Lo
28.  Donough Gerardine Marion
29.  Elena Constante
30.  Eliza Hoh
31.  Fan Say Lin
32.  Fernandez Jim Nigel
33.  Francis Janie Bernadette
34.  Goh Ann Chuan
35.  Heng Kue Hoon
36.  Hoh Su-Wei, Eliza
37.  Huang Eu Chai@ooi Eu Chai
38.  Ivanova Irina
39.  Jeremy Koh Chen Li
40.  Khor Choon Teik
41.  Koh Moi Cheu
42.  Kuah Boon Tiong Richard
43.  Kwan Sau Kuen
44.  Lan Xiaofei
45.  Lennard Oh Beng Cheow
46.  Leong Kong Thye
47.  Lev Sarah
48.  Lim Bee Hoon
49.  Lim Bock Teck
50.  Lim Gim Cheong
51.  Lim Jui Kiat
52.  Lim Mui Soon
53.  Loh Nin Khoon
54.  Loo Leong Kian
55.  Loo Ngiap Kien Benjamin
56.  Loon Seong Yuen
57.  Low Kim Leng Aaron
58.  Lui Ah Kham
59.  M Jamuna Rani Grace Christine
60.  Martine S J Janssens
61.  Monica Teoh Siew Poh
62.  Nakazawa Megumi
63.  Naseem Huseni Tayabali
64.  Ng Heok Joo
65.  Ngo Tong Yiaw, Stanley
66.  Ngoh Tee Bok
67.  Ng Wee Kiat
68.  Ofelia Denice De La Rosa
69.  Oh Ser Hua Francis
70.  Ong Sharon Ming Lee
71.  Ong Siew Keow
72.  Ong Yee Mei
73.  Pang Peow Meng
74.  Quak Wan Ling
75.  Richard Koh Quee Kian
76.  Righi Fabrizio
77.  Rosemary Charlotte Teresa Lim
78.  Seah Boon Kian
79.  Seah Kim Ping
80.  Shanti Bhattacharya Mrs Tauvy Jean-Louis
81.  Siti Fatimah Jagoh
82.  Suhail Jindran
83.  Tan Khey Cheow
84.  Tay Siew Choo
85.  Tan Siew Hong
86.  Tan Yong Hong
87.  Tan Yong Wei
88.  Tay Teck Lee Andrew
89.  Teo Mie Lian
90.  Tong Catalina
91.  Victoria Kovalkova
92.  Wan Lai Hoong
93.  Wan Siew Khim
94.  Wan Zhi Sheng @ Wan Yew Cheong
95.  Wang Jui Yuan Alice
96.  Wang Siping
97.  Winnie Manikam Krishnaveni
98.  Winson Khoo Chin Wah
99.  Wong Kim Meng
100.                      Wong Kwee Keong
101.                      Wong Yian Hah
102.                      Yap Siew Tin
103.                      Yeo Oi Leng Jeanne
104.                      Young Kheng Mui Annie
105.                      Zeng Yuchen
106.                      Zhong Hua