The price of one hilsa is 2400 rupees

The price of one hilsa is 2400 rupees

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Barguna: In Barguna, a hilsa weighing 600 grams per kg has been sold for Rs 2,400.

On Wednesday (March 2) at around 9:30 pm, the Barguna Municipal Fish Market was seen selling more than one hilsa of this size.

The fish were caught in the local Bishkhali river.

Sajeeb, a fish retailer at Barguna Municipal Fish Market, told banglanews that in the afternoon, a fisherman from Kalmegha Union of Patharghata Upazila brought three large hilsa fish to the market and sold them at wholesale prices. Out of his three hilsas, two hilsas weigh one kg 600 grams.

Wholesale fishmonger Nantu Mollah told banglanews that the number of large hilsas in the local rivers of Barguna has increased for a week due to the successful observance of the hilsa ban.

 There is a lot of hilsa in the market starting from 1 kg 400 to 600 g weight. 1 kg of hilsa fish is being sold at 1500 to 1800 rupees per kg. However, in the case of small hilsa, the local wholesale fish sellers have fixed the price from 300 to 12 hundred rupees.

Barguna District Fisheries Officer Biswajit Kumar Dev told banglanews that Raja Hilsa is being caught in the river as the ban on catching Hilsa has been successfully completed.

He added that large quantities of hilsa are now being caught in the river as the previous operations were successfully conducted.