Sri Lanka’s last indigenous people!

The Veddas were historically wooded area dwellers, who foraged, hunted and lived in close knit businesses in caves within the dense jungles of Sri Lanka. But the general public have not heard of them. This is our cave, stated the person. He was tall with curly, shoulder period hair and his decrease lip become caked pink with the areca nut he become chewing. An orange sarong became tied round his waist and a small awl became slung over his left shoulder. He pointed at a dimly lit rock refuge guarded by way of swaying trees. This is where the children lived, he stated, gesturing to a dark nook, and here, the males and females. You see the top there, he continued, displaying a sun lit platform sheathed by using scattered boulders. That's where our leader slept, and we burnt wild boars, Read More