Varandala Saja, beautifully dressed young woman, viral video at the moment Dance star Mau is one of the most popular faces on social media. He is known among some netizens for his dance. He has his own channel on YouTube called Dance Star Mau. Through this channel, a girl named Mau shares various videos of her dance, which is among the most popular netizens. The number of subscribers of his channel on YouTube is not less, he has about one and a half lakh subscribers. Recently another video of her dancing went viral among netizens. In the viral video, it is seen that Mau danced on the roof of her house with Barandala Saja song. He decorated the roof with colorful cloth. And there she wore a simple red-green lehenga with this song. She dressed with him in a suitable outfit. He also wore stolen and earrings. Read More