UFC analyst Laura Sanko discusses the growth of women’s MMA

This is a gigantic cultural moment. And this is not just a moment for Ronda Rousey, this is a moment for women's sports, period. Those are the words uttered by Joe Rogan on commentary as Rousey matched her way down to the Octagon on February 23, 2013. The Bantamweight champion was about to make history with opponent Liz Carmouche, as the two were set to compete in the first ever woman's fight in UFC. Something that two years previously looked unthinkable. When leaving an event in 2022, Dana White was asked by TMZ when women were going to be seen in UFC, he instantly shot back a response of, never. It's a comment that came back to haunt him and he later said that 2022 Dana White was a big idiot. Former Olympian Rousey was ripping through Strikeforce, an organization that wou Read More