Today Pori Moni & Razz Get married

Pori Moni and Razz got married on October 16, 2021. He brought up the issue of marriage on January 10. By giving the news that they are parents, they also give the news that they are married. Now that bride and Razz are getting married again today. They had a yellow evening on Friday night. And today marriage is officially taking place. Photographer Chaya Nika Chowdhury posted some pictures of their yellow evening on Facebook.The question was answered by the bride herself. He said, Our wedding that day was like a doll's wedding. There was no formality, many of me and Razz's family members did not know. Officially, our bride and groom have to get dressed again with a lot of domestic arrangements. I also did a yellow ceremony yesterday Meanwhile, it has been learned that Razz wedding Read More