The Jameel Jeddan highlights the experiences of Saudi women

RIYADH: On the evening of Feb. 7, younger women all around the united states sat in the front in their displays looking a unusual tale unfold that sheds light on coming of age, love, handling trauma, coping with loss, quirky anime references, old taboos, and the popularity of your personal truth. In a male-dominated industry, Sarah Taibah’s Jameel Jeddan is the primary Saudi display ever starring, written, and created by a Saudi female.The plot is whatever however usual. Strong-headed Jameel wakes up from a five-12 months coma and is forced to complete her last 12 months in high faculty and rejoin a society she no longer pals with. As a coping mechanism, she begins to revel in system faults within the form of an lively opportunity truth. While encapsulating the complexity of the S Read More