The hunt for superyachts of sanctioned Russian oligarchs!

Two superyachts connected to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich have docked in Turkey, beyond the reach of UK and EU sanctions. Each of the vessels cost greater than $500m and are among a variety of tracked by means of Lloyd's List Intelligence. The delivery facts experts were monitoring on-board tracking devices and feature shared this facts solely with the CAREFUL, permitting the journeys of those and other vessels connected to sanctioned Russians to be plotted. A boatload of young Ukrainians attempted to stop the superyacht MY Solaris docking in Bodrum in Turkey. The different Abramovich-linked yacht Eclipse sailed to Marmaris. The UK, US and EU have said they may goal superyachts, and at the least 8 were seized thus far. More continue to be at huge - a few are at the flo Read More