Shilpa Sethi behaves like crazy, actress breaks glass bottle on Rohit’s shoulder in the middle of the show Mumbai-based actress Shilpa Sethi is known for her funny character. In any case, he is seen in a positive mood. He is also seen in this funny mood on the set. He is seen doing funny things with his co-stars. She shares photos and videos on her Instagram account to please her fans. He recently shared a video during the shoot on the set of India’s Got Talent, in which his fans are sending love to him. Rohit Sethi arrives on the set of India's Got Talent with a gangster look, promo of this shooting has been released. Shilpa has been seen sharing videos where she has done the impossible. When Shilpa calls Rohit Sethi, he is busy talking to Badshah. When Rohit did not respond even after calling several times, Shilpa took a glass bottle a Read More