Sanayee Mahbob came live and threatened to sue

Popular and significantly acclaimed model and actress Sanai Mahbub is now faraway from the showbiz. He left the world of enjoyment and selected the direction of Islam. Pray often, rapid; He even walks round sporting a burqa-hijab. That Sanayee Mahbob suddenly got here on Facebook Live and threatened to sue. His allegations are towards some dishonest Facebook users. Sanayee Mahbob claims that those who use his preceding snap shots and motion pictures are deceptive humans.Many Facebook organizations and YouTube channels are publishing my preceding live, which includes songs, Sanai stated stay. People are being misled. I am now at the path of Islam. Doing all this is a crime. Using my video, how can you do all this money making! So I decided that what I sincerely had to do turned into lea Read More