One and a half crore people are following Pori Moni

The popular heroine of Dhaka cinema is Pori Moni. He has been the most talked about showbiz star in the last six months. She last came to the discussion on January 10 with the good news of getting pregnant and getting married. Fans regularly visit the heroine's Facebook page to get updates and news on various topics. As a result, the followers of his page are also increasing rapidly. Especially in recent times, the fairy followers have increased at a huge rate. Today, at 12 noon on Monday, the number of followers can be seen by visiting the page of Pori Moni, one crore 51 lakh 94 thousand 623 people. Which is more than any other showbiz star in Bangladesh. Among the movie stars, the heroine Purnima is after the fairy in the number of followers. The number of his followers is 98 l Read More