In the swamps of Sierra Leone, rural women plant seeds of peace

Bunds and canals now make it viable to hold fertilizer and water to plant vegetation several instances a year. WFP/Richard MbouetLarge mineral deposits are a ancient source of hysteria among farming communities and miners, specifically in the rural south. But a set of ladies have grow to be ambassadors for peace. 30 November 2021, Lydia Wamala The mid-mornings of Matagelema village, inside the south of Sierra Leone's Moyamba district, frequently discover the local ladies ankle-deep inner large rice fields. If they may be now not planting, they're weeding their crops; or constructing and repairing bunds and canals that the World Food Programme WFP and Government are helping them to set up easy irrigation schemes with the intention to boost their yields. Mamie Achion, the coordinat Read More