In the lap of the hill, he made a reel with Hindi romantic songs For the last one year, the series Mithai has been entertaining the viewers on the television screen. Sweets held the number one spot for this one year. However, in the recent run of the new hit series Gantchhara of the rival channel Star Jalsa, Mithai has lost that number one position. But at the moment, the director of the 'Sweet' series is desperate to get back to that place. All the fans of the series know that the reunion of Nipa and Rudradar is going on at the moment. Halla Party has done a lot of tricks and explained to Rudrada the responsibility of Nipar's mind. After many shoots, Rudrada fell in love with Nipa. This time, Uchchebabu is planning with Halla Party to give Mithai a birthday surprise. Needless to say, T Read More