Hero Alam is bringing Pushpa song on his bicycle shoulder

Ashraful Alam, a young man from Bogra. To everyone he is known as Hero Alam. He brought acting, production and music in his own way. After a few days, he released his new song on YouTube with one surprise after another. Which is why millions of views are happening in an hour. This time he is appearing with the current viral Pushpa song. In this context, Hero Alam told RTV News, I don't care what anyone says. The songs are a bit exceptional, a bit difficult to sing. Since I am not a professional artist, I still sing with difficulty. Hopefully, this song will be as viral as any other song. Shortly after its release, the southern Indian cinema Pushpa: The Rise. The movie is at the center of industry discussions right now. Pushpar's dialogue is circulating in people's mouths. Even the d Read More