Spending the most beautiful moment of life

Spending the most beautiful moment of life

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Popular heroine Pori moni is going to get a taste of motherhood. The heroine, who is going to be a mother for the first time, came to Bashundhara Star Cineplex on Wednesday evening for the premiere of her new film Mukhosh.

At that time, in a question about motherhood, Pori said to the journalists, I am having the best moment of my life. Going through a different feeling. And these feelings can never be expressed in words.

At this time, the fairy further said, motherhood gives fullness to woman. I think I’m going to get that fullness. Every day, I am waiting for the moment to welcome a new guest in the house.

Feelings cannot be shared. Maybe these feelings are coming out of my eyes. I wish everyone blessings for my future days.

The first picture directed by Iftekhar Shubh. This government-funded film is based on the director’s page 44 novel about the story of an author’s unmasking. Mosharraf Karim played the role of the writer. Roshan played the role of Parimani journalist and the opposite hero of the movie. There are also Abul Kalam Azad, Poan Roy and others.

In the first movie, director Shubh showed his charisma. The whole picture is compelling to watch from beginning to end. The story and the music were tense. At the same time, Abul Kalam Azad has competed with the cool performance of Musharraf Karim.

After the opening performance, the guests say that both Pori and Roshan have tried their best. It’s nice to have two people on screen. He also commented that the dialogue and short comedy scenes of the film will make the audience laugh a lot. However, it has entertained a lot by playing the role of producer Iresh Jake.

Besides, the presence of Tareq Swapan and Elena Shammi was also eye-catching. After watching the film, the guests present are urging the viewers to go to the hall and watch the full entertaining film. The people involved in the film say that time and money will not be wasted in any way.

Masks are being released in 40 cinemas across the country from Friday. Director Shubh said, you will see the trailer of my film first. If you like the trailer then you must watch the movie. The picture is like my first child. I have nurtured it for a long time.