Scientific Center

Scientific Center

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The Scientific Center of Kuwait is a non-profit organization comprised of three main facilities : an Aquarium, an IMAX Theater and a hands-on Discovery Place; as well as other supporting facilities. The Center was inaugurated in April 2000 and was considered the first of it’s kind in the Middle East Region. The Scientific Center is dedicated to the advancement of the sciences and cultural heritage of Kuwait, and to promoting public awareness and knowledge of the wildlife and ecosystems of the Arabian Gulf Region; and consequently committed to the care and preservation of these ecosystems. The Center strives to involve all sectors of the community in learning through a fun and stimulating medium. At the Aquarium, in addition to the scheduled public feedings, several programs are offered such as Dive with the Shark Program and Adopt An Animal Program. At Discovery Place, outreach programs are offered as well as in-house enrichment programs, star-shows and a puppet-show. At IMAX Theater, educational and environment oriented films are showed, as well as private screening of constructive films theme-related to our objectives. Other services are a Gift Shop and Food Court to make the visitors’ experience at The Scientific Center an unforgettable, fun-learning visit.

Located on Kuwait’s waterfront, the Scientific Center serves as a hub of excellence for public environmental education of the Gulf region, focusing upon the natural habitats of the sea, the coast, and the desert of the Arabian Peninsula. The complex integrates an aquarium, a science museum, and a 250-seat, IMAX film theater into a rich blend of interactive natural and physical science experiences. These central components are complemented by dining, shopping and seven historic dhows docked harborside.

One of the largest aquariums in the Middle East is housed in this sail-shaped building. The giant spider crabs (3.8m leg to leg), fluorescent jellyfish and floor-to-ceiling shark and ray tanks are especially cool. At the interactive Discovery Place, kids can perform science experiments, make sand dunes or roll a piece of road. An IMAX theatre shows 45-minute 3D educational videos about the natural world.

Head outside to the parking lot for one of the Scientific Center’s best attractions: a car on a pulley system. Even your smallest kids can have a go at pulling the chains and lifting the car, they won’t believe their eyes when it lifts into the air. Parking costs 250 fils.