Russian Olympic skater Valieva tested positive for banned drug - Careful

Russian Olympic skater Valieva tested positive for banned drug

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The 15-yr-old parent skating sensation Kamila Valieva, who led Russia to crew gold on the Beijing Olympics this week, examined fantastic for a banned heart medicinal drug earlier than the Games, Russian media have said.

The fine test should fee Russia the team gold and additionally threatens Valieva’s participation inside the character event that begins on Tuesday.
Russian athletes are competing inside the Beijing Games because the Russian Olympic Committee ROC after the usa became banned due to a big nation-subsidized doping scheme at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

The pattern in query changed into acquired before Valieva won the European championship closing month, the RBC newspaper suggested past due Wednesday.

The drug detected is trimetazidine, a metabolic agent that is prescribed for the treatment of angina and vertigo, in keeping with Kommersant newspaper.

Trimetazidine is banned with the aid of the World Anti-Doping Agency due to the fact it can increase blood go with the flow efficiency and help patience.

The reports said the check result changed into the cause that the group medals ceremony become removed from its scheduled slot on Tuesday.

The Russians gained the gold medal within the group competition with america taking silver and Japan bronze, but the ceremony did no longer take vicinity as planned.

Valieva, who produced the primary quadruple soar ever by using a girl in Olympic competition to help Russia win, reportedly practised on Thursday in training for the man or woman occasion.

Kamila has not been suspended from the Games, Russian figure skating federation spokeswoman Olga Yermolina advised TASS news organisation.

International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams said that an active felony case became underneath manner concerning the medal ceremony and so he couldn’t comment on the reports.

He instructed the every day media briefing in Beijing that claims that the case concerned doping had been speculation.

We had a state of affairs rise up yesterday that has all sorts of implications, he introduced.

Asked how lengthy the athletes within the crew opposition might ought to wait to receive their medals, Adams stated: It relies upon at the criminal manner and I could believe everyone is working as fast as they can.

We recognize for the athletes involved within the ceremony that they need to see this come to an excellent final results.

In Moscow, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed the hypothesis.

The scandal broke out now not on the Olympics but across the Olympics, and among folks who did no longer have the proper data as continually, he informed journalists.

The simplest supply right here can and ought to be the IOC, he said.

We want our athletes, such as Valieva, best gold medals.

Kamila Valieva: Russian media say Olympic skater failed drug test

Russian figure skating megastar Kamila Valia tested advantageous for a banned drug before the Winter Olympics in Beijing, Russian newspapers say.

The reviews, late on Wednesday, came after the International Olympic Committee IOC postponed a rite to present the 15-12 months-antique skater and her teammates with their Olympic gold medals.

They noted unexplained felony reasons.

Newspapers RBC and Kommersant said Valia tested effective for trimetazidine earlier than she received the European championship in Estonia closing month. The drug is banned with the aid of the World Anti-Doping Agency due to the fact it is able to growth blood float efficiency and assist staying power.

The alleged fine take a look at may want to price Russia the team gold and also threaten Valera’s participation within the character occasion that starts next week. The youngster is a sturdy favorite within the competition.

The IOC declined to comment on Thursday.

Mark Adams, the institution’s spokesman, informed journalists that an active prison case become under manner regarding the medal ceremony and that claims of a failed drug test were hypothesis.

We had a scenario arise yesterday that has all styles of implications, he stated. I’m now not going to touch upon a felony case as it wouldn’t be suitable.

The Russian Olympic Committee ROC additionally declined to touch upon reports that Valia had again a fantastic take a look at.

The teenager brought one of the highlights of the Beijing Games to this point when she landed the primary quadruple bounce by using a girl in Olympic opposition.

Any flow to penalize Valia or strip the team of their medals would likely cause a country wide outcry as figure skating is a status game for Russia.

Leave Kamila in peace
Prominent journalist Vasilis Konev, deputy popular manufacturer at Russian sports activities channel Match-TV, said with out bringing up assets that the pattern in question had been taken months in the past.

The drug trimetazidine does no longer assist an athlete in any way. At all. It became discovered in a single single pattern in December. A minuscule quantity. Nothing in her samples earlier than or when you consider that, he wrote on social media.

There is no doping in the traditional experience. No! This cardiac drug has no impact on overall performance. Now depart Kamila in peace.

Dr Saniya Khan, a cardiologist and assistant professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, instructed Reuters information organization that in concept trimetazidine is probably used in a healthful person to decorate blood glide above and beyond everyday ranges.

The concept in the back of it might be, probably, in case you decorate blood flow, you can improve any person’s ability to workout longer or exercise extra efficaciously by using permitting the coronary heart to respond great-commonly, she said.

But she said it is not clean if the drug gives any performance-enhancing gain.

There’s a theoretical benefit, she stated. There’s no robust proof that it does make a distinction.

Former Russian pairs skater Tatiana Volosozhar, who won gold medals at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, confirmed her cohesion with Valia on social media, calling for using the Russian hashtag Iwillneverbelieve to reveal aid to the youngster.

Her put up became liked on Instagram with the aid of Valia.

If the Russian crew is disqualified, the US team would be increased to the gold medal for the primary time inside the event. Japan would be provided silver and fourth-region finisher Canada might acquire the bronze.

Russian athletes are in Beijing competing because the Russian Olympic Committee after the united states of America was banned due to a large country-backed doping scheme at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Russia has stated some shortcomings in its implementation of anti-doping policies however denies strolling a doping programmed.