Remembering legendary Caliph Harun Rashid on the anniversary of his death?

Remembering legendary Caliph Harun Rashid on the anniversary of his death?

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The famous caliph now not only conquered lands however additionally contributed to information constructing, making Baghdad a beacon of hope 1200 years ago.

Perhaps there may be no different Muslim ruler after Prophet Muhammad and his four companions who has provoked admiration as top notch as that of famous Abbasid Caliph Harun Rashid.

On March 24, exactly 1213 years in the past, Rashid left the sector, leaving in the back of a towering legacy of precise governance and the seeds of the Muslim revolution that inspired Europe to pop out of intellectual darkness from the 14th Century onwards.

During the years main as much as the collapse of the Roman Empire in 476 AD, Europe become plagued by way of the age of decadence, which was observed through centuries of highbrow rot.

But the medieval town of Baghdad symbolised desire and have become a guiding mild for humanity. Under Rashid’s reign, highbrow powerhouses like the House of Wisdom Bayt al-Hikmah came into being, hosting the best philosophers, polymaths, poets, mathematicians and astrologers from round the sector and from exceptional faiths inclusive of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism.

Their works later stimulated European minds and furnished the a whole lot-wanted spark for Europe’s Renaissance.

Rashid became the fifth Abbasid Caliph. He dominated from 786 to 809 AD, an technology that is traditionally regarded as the start of the Islamic Golden Age.

Talking to TRT World, Professor Nahide Bozkurt of Ankara University says Rashid turned into among the most splendiferous caliphs of Islamic History.

Bozkurt, who specialises within the history of Islam, adds that Rashid is likewise called the pinnacle caliph of the Islamic Golden Age in Western literature.

It is understood that one of the essential facts resources of the West’s enlightenment duration were Islamic pupils, and its roots can be observed in Harun Al-Rashid’s time period, she says.

According to any other historian, Professor Adem Apak of Uludag University, “Harun Al-Rashid become raised to grow to be a sensible head of nation” as he become educated through the quality minds of his time.

Khabib Zeyyat taught him the way to read the Holy Quran, Ali Hamza Al-Kisai educated him in syntax. Imam Malik also lectured Harun Al-Rashid at the hadith and Islamic Law, Apak adds.

Investing in intellectual understanding and building a non violent society had been key functions that described the fifth Abbasid Caliph’s rule. Bozkurt says the caliph advocated meritocracy and did not a good deal care approximately the non secular or ethnic backgrounds of students and philosophers he invited to his kingdom.

His administration turned into based primarily based on understanding and expertise. Harun Al-Rashid had Christian viziers, docs or even Zoroastrians working with him with none sort of discrimination, contrary to the Omayyads. There become admire for technology and people, Bozkurt tells TRT World.

Paving the way for technology

The Abbasids, however, moved in the direction of setting up institutions as opposed to focusing handiest on conquests. They created big cities, and Baghdad have become a image of their cultural advancement. Founded in 756 AD, Baghdad have become the most populous metropolis in the international 30 years later, with 800,000 population, consistent with the estimates.

The caliph is likewise referred to as the person who paved the manner for the establishment of The House of Wisdom Bayt al-Hikmah which have become an unrivalled information centre wherein arts and sciences flourished.

Harun Al-Rashid hooked up the legendary library, The House of Wisdom in Baghdad in present-day Iraq, and throughout his rule, Baghdad started out to flourish as a international centre of knowledge, lifestyle and alternate.

Commenting on the position of Harun in setting up the House of Wisdom, Bozkurt says: It is called Bayt al-Hikmah. The concept of constructing the sort of grand library came to fruition during Harun Rashid’s term. He started bringing books from the world over for translation. During his son Al Ma’mun’s time period, the process went in addition.

Bayt al Hikmah served as a bridge between historic Greek and modern Western philosophy. It amassed ancient Greek artefacts from Egyptian, Byzantine, Sassanid and Roman nations and averted them from disappearing.

According to Professor Apak, new ideas revolutionised tremendous technological know-how and philosophy at some point of Al Ma’mun’s time period, as he did no longer deviate from the direction his father had set to assist humanity develop and prosper underneath the color of Islam.

Harun Al-Rashid’s time period as Abbasid Caliph even accommodates the principle basis for the ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ tale because of the cultural sports that occurred at that point, Apak provides.

Commenting on the role played through The House of Wisdom on western enlightenment, Professor Nahide Bozkurt says: It is fair to say that the enlightenment of the West become induced through Harun Al-Rashid’s and his son Al Mamuns terms.

Also, Islamic enlightenment became fantastically impacted by means of Chinese, Indian cultures.

Following the efforts made via the wisdom-crammed administrations of Harun and Al Mamun, The House of Wisdom have become an unrivalled centre for the observe of humanities and sciences, such as arithmetic, astronomy, remedy, chemistry, geography, philosophy, literature and the humanities as well as some extra topics inclusive of alchemy and astrology.

It is thought that the House of Wisdom become an intellectually colourful region that turned into mainly driven by means of its cosmopolitanism, something that become in no way seen earlier than.

After Harun Al-Rashid, his son, Al Ma’mun followed his father’s footsteps.

Al Mamun created a sixty eight-individual medical delegation, which covered one of the fantastic polymaths of that era, Al Khwarizmi. They studied measurements and experimented with various philosophical strategies from the Indian and Greek traditions.

The studies helped them draw particular maps of the world with latitude and longitude. The length of the Earth’s equatorial belt with almost the equal cutting-edge value was also measured. In addition, a international map become drawn, and easy methods have been formed to resolve economic troubles and formulate land measurements, consisting of inheritance divisions, taxation and financial rules. Plus, 700 formulas were evolved by means of Al Khwarizmi at Al Mamuns request.

In the thirteenth Century, however, the medical rigour became cut short at The House of Wisdom. While a Mongol siege destroyed this highbrow hub, the marauders couldn’t erase its rich contributions in the area of arts and science.

The understanding the House of Wisdom left at the back of turned into later picked up via numerous empires from Asia to the Middle East to Europe.