Popular Bangladeshi blogger Rehana Rahana Rakhi in France

Popular Bangladeshi blogger Rehana Rahana Rakhi in France

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The most popular Bangladeshi blogger in France is Rehana Akter Rakhi. The number of his Facebook followers has already exceeded 12 lakh. Besides, there are about 2 lakh YouTube followers.

Rehana Akhter is a Lily famous actress who once aroused response in the showbiz arena. Mafuz Ahmed, a leading Bangladeshi actor, has acted in dramas with everyone from Zahid Hasan to Mosharraf Karim.

He has already acquired the Silver Button from YouTube. This path was not easy for him. A couple of years ago, his Facebook page with more than 12 lakh followers was hacked by some miscreants but Rakhi did not give up.
He suffered a lot when he ruined his sesame-sized page, but it didn’t break. He has turned again from the ruins of the new venture. He is reaching his goal by making new pages and making videos one after another.

In the evolution of time, the welfare of the people has changed as well as the professional life of the people. Blogging has become very popular nowadays. It is a very popular trend now. Many people write blogs now, some of them as a hobby and some of them blog professionally.

Making videos and presenting your creative thoughts in a beautiful way, entertaining people or giving them up-to-date information, giving new recipes for cooking or raising your voice on the latest issues, giving pleasure to yourself and giving pleasure to others is not an easy task.

The specialty of Rehana Rakhi’s blog is that she can speak fluently in front of the camera as she works in media. He speaks his regional language, Noakhali, through which he is spreading the regional language of Noakhali to the Bangladeshis scattered all over the world.

Blogging has become a profession from the addiction of many, many are trying to become self-reliant as a blogger.

Super Heroine Rehana Akhter Rakhi’s TV serial $ Natok serial

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :Super Heroine famed actress Rehana Akhter is popularly referred to as Rakhi to all in media.

Though she started her career in media with the aid of the talent hunt contest Super Hero Super Heroine Rakhi is now passing busy days with performing in TV performs and serials.

She has been attractive herself with acting in drama serials one after any other. This time Rehana’s acted new paintings is Salauddin Lavlu’s directed a serial titled The Village Engineer. She is performing in an vital role inside the serial.

Masum Reza has written story of the serial.While talking about her career in media Rehana Akhter Rakhi instructed this correspondent, Story of The Village Engineer is genuinely nice. My position is very difficult in the serial.

With the cooperation from Lavlu Bhai I am seeking to specific my function properly inside the serial. I suppose visitors may also enjoy the serial.

Therefore, I am certainly grateful to Lavlu Bhai to offer me the threat to act in his directed serial.Meanwhile, Rehana Akhter Rakhi’s acted other serials Noashal, directed by Mir Sabbir, Amader Chhoto Nodi Choley Bankey Bankey, directed through Mahfuz Ahmed, and Tomar Doai Bhalo Achhi Maa, also directed by using Mahfuz Ahmed, are being aired on RTV, Channel i and ATN Bangla respectively now.It can be referred to that underneath the route of Bipul Raihan, Rehana Akhter Rakhi first started out her appearing career by a drama serial titled Palolik Mon. From the beginning of her appearing profession Amzad Hossain’s O Maa Tui Kemon Achhish and Nazrul Koreshi’s Blackmail are mentionable plays wherein Rakhi acted.

Hailed from Noakhali Rakhi desires to establish herself in media as an actress, she stated.