Open soybean oil disappears from Khulna market

Open soybean oil disappears from Khulna market

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There is a crisis of open soybean oil in Khulna market. Pepper is being sold at 100 rupees per kg. At the same time, the price of onion has also gone up. People are feeling uneasy about the rise in commodity prices before Ramadan. Traders say prices of all commodities will rise further during Ramadan. However, no product crisis was seen in Khulna market.

This picture was seen on Saturday (March 5) while visiting some markets of Khulna city.

According to traders, the price of per kg onion has gone up from Tk 55 to Tk 80 in Manvede. Green chillies are being sold at 100 to 120 rupees per kg. Which was between 40 to 90 rupees last week.

However, the city's soybean oil market was not open for sale. Shopkeepers are selling one liter of bottled oil. They are selling 180 rupees per bottle. However, no five-liter bottle of soybean oil was found in the market.

Sheikh Lutfar, Sobhan Hawladar and Haris Sheikh, green chilli traders at the Sonadanga truck terminal, told Jago News, Transportation costs have gone up. Workers wages have also increased. Madarganj in Bogra, Kazirhat and Mymensingh is a big destination for green chillies. From there, chillies are supplied to every corner of the country. There has been a crisis of green chillies in those places. The pepper plant is dying. Due to this, the imports have decreased. There are more traders crowded than demand. So we have to buy goods at higher prices from the traders there. 

They further said, Khulna market needs seven trucks of chillies every day but four trucks of goods are coming there. Which is less than required. There is no Indian pepper in the market. 

Abdul Halim Bayati, an onion trader in the same market, said that the 'Onion Kali Hat' in Faridpur district is the largest onion destination in the country. Traders from different parts of the country buy onions from there. Now the season of Kalikata onion is at its last stage. Prices increase at this time of year. However, the trader thinks that the price has not increased much this time.

He said, Prices have gone up and down again due to heavy rains. Prices have gone up due to the onion crisis in Mokams. Transportation costs have also increased. For this reason, the price of onion has increased by two to three rupees per kg. However, the price will be normal in the middle of the month of Chaitra. Then the price will be between 30 to 32 rupees, said onion trader Abdul Halim Bayati.

Meanwhile, a one-liter bottle of soybean oil was found in a retail shop in Jorakal Bazar but a five-liter bottle was not found. Some traders in the market said that although there were a few bottles of one liter in the shop, they did not have open oil in their shop.

Ansar Ali and Rabia Begum, regular buyers of Jorakal Bazar, told Jago News that house rent and water bill have gone up. However, the size has not increased. In this situation, with the rising prices of daily necessities, they are struggling to make ends meet.