Never not here

Never not here

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I wrote on my Facebook page recently how we are only ever here now and the whole thing else is the assemble of the thoughts. This received a whole lot interest (which is splendid) so I would really like to take a moment to enlarge.

It’s crucial on the way to distinguish between the thoughts and aware intelligence. The mind recollects, identifies, compares, buddies, doubts, fears, mistrusts beyond recognition. The thoughts additionally anticipates, expects, imagines, guesses, hopes, plans destiny consciousness.

Conscious intelligence does not suppose. Conscious intelligence senses looking, listening, feeling, tasting, and smelling. Conscious intelligence is conscious and is simplest ever right here NOW.

Connecting to this ever present intelligence creates a nation where we can start to undergo witness to the mind muddle. This is essential to developing a greater unsleeping and conscious aware presence and it is through taking this course to self that you can discover genuine joy and peace to your Self and your lifestyles.

Maintaining a country of centeredness is a second to second procedure. A dance between mind awareness and extended self, finding the balance in among in which there may be calm, connectedness and ever increasing attention of self is our reason.

So given the chaotic world we stay in how does this relate to functioning as an emotional being?

As humans and human becoming’s we experience feelings – power in movement. Emotions are essentially our teacher – they may be signposts, alerts from our soul, or a reflection of our conscious mind. We will by no means be with out them – as a minimum not while we’re alive. Emotions are signposts and gateways to recuperation. Learning to paintings with and be along with your emotions is a powerful action for transformation. Next time you are experiencing a sturdy emotion or are overwhelmed, traumatic, anxious, happy, unhappy – find a quiet space and not using a interruptions and take a seat with the emotion. Go within, and the use of your thoughts and your imagination emerge as privy to where the emotion sits for your frame, if it has shape, color and texture. Enquire where the sensation comes from permitting whatever comes up to come up – bearing witness with no judgement just gentle, acceptance and love.

Self-attention includes becoming aware about your feelings as signposts for boom, and no longer boundaries, as they comprise some of the maximum critical information about you and show you how are being on the subject of lifestyles.

Go inside – that is where the treasure is found.