Nasir-Tamima waiting for a child

Nasir-Tamima waiting for a child

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This time, cricketer Nasir Hossain has released a picture of his wife Tamima’s baby pump for the fans. See picture of Tamima’s baby pump.

Former Bangladesh national team cricketer Nasir Hossain has been criticized since his marriage. The Nasir-Tamima couple are still waiting to welcome the new guest into the world after overcoming the hassle of lawsuits and attacks.

Recently, her baby shower took place domestically. On the day of baby shower, Nasir Hossain’s wife Tamima Sultana Tammi spread softness in pink gown.

On Friday (February 25), Nasir shared some moments captured on camera by the baby shower on social media. In the picture, Tamima is waiting to be a mother with Nasir in a pink gown.

I am so excited to meet the little man, Nasir wrote in the caption of his Facebook post. That half is me and half is my love. Thanks for everything.

Incidentally, Nasir’s wife Tamima is a cabin crew by profession. He is working for Saudi Airlines. I got acquainted with Nasir Hossain due to my job. Tamima tied the knot with cricketer Nasir at a restaurant in Uttara on February 14 last year on World Love Day.

Yellow on them and the ceremony after the wedding took place on 18 and 20 February. Then Nasir-Tamima got into legal complications. Meanwhile, the couple is waiting to welcome a new guest.