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Mithai: TV series (transl. Sweet) is a 2021 Indian, Bangladesh Bengali Romantic Comedy Drama television collection that premiered on four January 2021 on Zee Bangla. It is also available at the virtual platform ZEE5 earlier than it is telecast. The display is produced by means of Zee Bangla.[1] It stars Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai Modal and Adrift Roy as Siddhartha Modal

Mithai is a cheerful sweets supplier who is going to the Modak circle of relatives to sell candies. Over time, Mithai bonds with them like a member of the family. Later, Mithai runs away from her wedding ceremony to an unworthy lad. Dadu transl. Grandfather the eldest member of the Modak Family is informed with the aid of Mithai’s mother, Parbati a close pal of Siddhartha’s mother, overdue Arati Modak, that she blessed Mithai as her daughter-in-law with their own family necklace. Now she wants to give the necklace again to them but it is not viable because she is a most cancers patient. She requested Dadai to find a groom for her daughter so that she might be restful from her situation. After listening to all these things, Dadai plans to get Mithai married to Siddhartha Sid who refuses to marry Mithai not due to her terrible economic circumstance and shortage of training and social capabilities, however due to he does now not trust within the concept of marriage. Torsha proposes to Siddhartha, but he refuses as he does not agree with in marriage or relationships, and would as a substitute continue to be friends. Dadu comes to a decision to get Mithai married to Som (Sid’s Elder brother, Arati followed him) who backs out on the marriage day. In order to store Dadu’s honour, Sid agrees to marry Mithai simply due to his Dadai. Mithai’s marital lifestyles is disturbed by using Sid’s indifference and Torsha’s interference. Later Halla birthday celebration amusing having party organization together with Rajib, Ratul, Nanda, Nipa, Sree and Sandy makes a decision to bring them nearer the usage of unique techniques and incidents.

Against Som, Borobabu’s desire Samaresh Modak, Mithai’s father-in-regulation, but Sid would not respect him as his father because of his rudeness as his father sent him to the hostel at only 10, after 3 months of his mother loss of life and somewhere he accuses him of his mother’s dying), Dadai (grandfather-in-regulation), plans for Mithai to sign up for their circle of relatives enterprise. Som and Pishemosai Mithai’s paternal uncle in regulation plot with Agarwals, Modak Group’s rival company to forestall Mithai from becoming a member of the commercial enterprise and reason financial loss. Meanwhile, Sid’s father meets with Torsha’s mother a attorney to interrupt up Mithai and Sid’s marriage but Sid disagrees as he doesn’t need to hurt his Dadai. Torsha’s mom advises Mr. Modhak to allow Mithai be part of the enterprise and then frame her person to kick her out of the house, which he agrees to and permits Mithai to enroll in the commercial enterprise as an worker. Mithai succeeds in making earnings with the aid of re-introducing their conventional sweet Monohora. Torsha attempts to motive chaos in Siddhartha and Mithai’s life related to family matters and advising wrong matters. This creates false impression between Mithai and Sid. Sid lashes out on Mithai cursing their marriage every time as he feels it’s miles choking him up from inner and making him pass mad. Sid’s own family helps Mithai and anyone factors out Sid’s fault. This breaks Ratul and Nipa’s (Sid’s cousin sister) arrange marriage once, as Rajib and Ratul’s mom does no longer help Sid’s rudeness and irresponsibility towards Mithai. Sid feeling guilty attempts to join Nipa and Ratul’s damaged alliance by using apologizing to Ratul’s mom and plays husband-wife with Mithai for an afternoon. This makes Mithai to begin having romantic emotions for Siddhartha which she does not want to just accept. Later that day, Sid makes it clear that it become handiest drama for the sake of Ratul and Nipa’s marriage and no longer reality, therefore Mithai must no longer misunderstand and have hope. Ratul and Nipa’s engagement is introduced. Halla birthday party comes to a decision to use this to carry the couple closer. Shree Sid’s younger sis and Sid’s relation deteriorates further, as Shree couldn’t see Mithai suffering. Also, Sid’s indifference towards Shree emotions concerning their mother. Sandy receives arrested looking to protest in opposition to harassment and cat-calling. On shree and Mithai’s clever instigation, Sid contacts his vintage friend ACP Rudra to save Sandy. Som joins fingers with Torsha on Pishemosai’s insistence to throw Mithai out of Sid’s life and damage the commercial enterprise. Mithai saves Sid from a hearth coincidence. This changes something in Sid, and he starts to take care of Mithai. Although he says it’s miles out of gratefulness, he pays more attention to Mithai and her fitness and forestalls the entire circle of relatives and her from overexerting himself and relaxation. He enables her to cook dinner. Suddenly, Dadai declares to have Mithai and Siddhartha to get divorced because Siddhartha has continually felt that Dadai has positioned him in a lure with this marriage. They sign the divorce papers and request Torsha’s mother to make certain the proceedings are saved after Nipa and Ratul’s marriage. At first, Sid is unwilling to signal it, as he stresses about Mithai’s properly-being and life after divorce. Dadai says that he’ll think about it, Sid does now not need to worry. Moreover, he may set up another marriage for Mithai which disturbs Sid but nevertheless he signs and symptoms the paper unheartedly.

Nipa and Ratul’s marriage arrangements begins. Aditya Agarwal, son of Agarwal organization’s owner, traps Nipa with dreams of foreign shopping, which results in Nipa strolling faraway from her marriage. Everyone blames Mithai. Siddhartha and Rudra rescues Nipa on time on the idea of Mithai’s intelligence. Nipa becomes depressed and does not need to marry, and therefore goes to her maternal uncle’s house in Mython. Meanwhile, the circle of relatives is heartbroken with the information. Ratul’s mother cancels the wedding with Nipa and requests Sree to don’t forget marrying Ratul for the sake of own family’s reputation. Shree concurs just to save the status of own family in spite of Rajib, Siddhartha and her father’s protest. Ratul is crestfallen and does not need this marriage as he is in love with Nipa. But his mother and circle of relatives forces him to get married, which he does half-heartedly. Later this entire state of affairs get Mithai one step in the direction of Sid as he will become thankful again to Mithai. Next day, throughout Boubhat ritual, Ratul goes to Nipa. The whole own family turned into tensed due to Ratul’s sudden leave. Shree lies by using pronouncing that he went for professional work. In the evening, Ratul comes domestic with Nipa in which they’re celebrating Rabindra Jayanti in Monohora Modak Family’s house name. Everyone gets upset seeing them. Rajib is furious and questions him. Ratul explains that he wanted explanation from Nipa and needed to meet her. Then he apologizes to Shree for his hurtful action. Siddhartha question Ratul’s action for which Ratul tells him that he has no proper as Sid himself left the marriage venue leaving Mithai on my own. Sid says the state of affairs turned into not the equal. Sid does now not trust in marriage, however Ratul does. Mithai tries to remedy the state of affairs by reuniting Sree and Nipa. Mithai and Sid have their obvious comical banters because the birthday celebration proceeds. Suddenly, Torsha and her mom comes to announce that the divorce date is about. But Sid dismisses the mutual divorce (which can’t be viable in much less than 1 yr) by excusing the method is in opposition to the guidelines. Then Torsha’s mom asked about document a divorce case and try to pressure Mithai but Sid stops them and says that he’s going to talk later about it as they may be in a trouble due to Ratul, Sree and Nipa. Later Sid’s father force sid to file the case and with out Sid’s settlement they files the case.In this phase slowly Sid realizes Mithai’s well worth and feels a unknowing soft corner in his heart and typically he reveals her mom’s contact in her simplicity. Sid appoints a legal professional himself with the aid of help of his pal Rudra for mithai in opposition to Torsha’s mom, Reboti. In the 1st trial Rebati creates a poisonous environment in courtroom by way of falsely allegate Mithai and her circle of relatives, which Sid cannot tolerate as he hate lies. Later he confesses some truths which had strictly forbidden by Reboti and Mithai-sid start a banter in court, eventually court comes to a decision to give them a 2nd danger and orders to go to a wedding counsellor and reports on court docket among 15 days. Torsha’s mother, Reboti asks Torsha to convince Mithai indirectly to agree for the Divorce. So, Torsha takes Mithai to a Theme Café, in which Sid and Torsha used to move for the duration of their university days. Torsha efficiently manages to convince Mithai for the divorce. Later, Sid comes inside the café to pick out up Torsha for his or her task and hugs her for changing her mind-set towards Mithai. Seeing this, Mithai thinks Sid loves Torsha as already Torsha washed her mind in cafe. On, the listening to date, Mithai takes up all the accusations and set free Sid and court docket approve the divorce but Sid changed into so disappointed to look mithai telling lie and a huff turned into developing in his coronary heart on mithai. Then Dadai hatches a plan once more to convey them closer. On the occasion of Rath Yatra, Dadai announces the wedding of Mithai and Sid’s friend, ACP Rudra. Then, Sid tells every body that Mithai can’t marry because she is married! But Tess opposes him and tell him to provide the final signature at the divorce paper and set Mithai loose, however he takes Rudra with him and says the awful habits of Mithai to prevent the marriage. Anyway, Rudra says he doesn’t have problem with the ones and concurs for the wedding. When Dadai starts the ceremony of Ashirbad, Sid stops him from doing so and tells Mithai can’t marry Rudra. Dadai asks what might Mithai do if the wedding would not show up. Sid tells that he has a few private troubles and after knowing Torsha’s evil plan she confessed herself in anger he insults her and makes her clean that he usually concept her as his best buddy. Later everybody poke Sid to just accept his marriage and ultimately he’s taking a task to be the husband of Mithai for 1 month then if he feels the bond of marriage as all and sundry says he will hold his marriage in any other case anyone must take delivery of his selection after 1 month. It hurts Mithai’s ego as so normal and mithai has a tendency to return to Jonai but Sid stops her. Being indignant of Sid, Shamaresh leaves Monohara. And they begin a brand new journey by means of sharing their lifestyles with each different (with Dadai and different family participants’ wonder plan of Wedding Night for the 1st time they may stay in a same room like a husband and spouse. While this they determine to control Sree and Ratul’s marriage.

Soumitrisha Kundu as Mithai Modak (née Das) aka Mithai: a candy dealer, Siddhartha’s spouse.
Adrit Roy as Siddhartha Modak aka Sid: a businessman and a hit architect in a company enterprise, Mithai’s husband.
Modak member of the family
Biswajit Chakraborty as Siddheshwar Modak (Dadu): Siddhartha’s grandfather; Samu, Amu and Apa’s father; Aroti, Sulata and Brotin’s father-in-law, Head of Modak circle of relatives and owner of Siddheshwar Modak group, a leading sweet producing company.
Swagata Basu as Sushoma Modak née Ghosh: Siddhartha’s grandmother; Samu, Amu and Apa’s mother; Aroti, Sulata and Brotin’s mom-in-regulation, Matriarch of the Modak family.
Kaushik Chakraborty as Samaresh Modak aka Samu: Aroti’s husband; Siddhartha and Sreetoma’s father, Ratul and Mithai’s father-in-regulation, Nanda’s maternal uncle, Sandy and Nipa’s paternal uncle, Joyeeta’s former boyfriend, Tridib’s close pal, Amu and Apa’s elder brother.
Moyna Mukherjee as Late Aroti Modak: Samaresh’s past due wife; Siddhartha and Sreetoma’s overdue mom, Parbati’s near pal, Ratul and Mithai’s late mother-in-regulation, Nanda’s overdue maternal aunt, Sandy and Nipa’s past due paternal aunt, Amu and Apa’s past due elder sister-in-regulation. Flashback
Sandip Chakraborty as Amaresh Modak aka Amu: Sulata’s husband; Siddhartha and Sreetama’s paternal uncle, Nanda’s maternal uncle, Somu’s younger brother, Apa’s elder brother, Sandy and Nipa’s father.
Lopamudra Sinha as Sulata Modak: Amu’s spouse; Siddhartha and Sreetama’s paternal aunt, Nanda’s maternal aunt, Sandy and Nipa’s mother.
Arpita Mukherjee as Aparajita Laha (née Modak) aka Apa: Brotin’s spouse; Siddhartha, Sreetama, Sandy, Nipa’s paternal aunt, Nanda’s mom, Rajib’s mom-in-law, Somu and Amu’s younger sister.
Arijit Chowdhury as Brotin Laha: Apa’s husband; Siddhartha and Sreetama’s paternal uncle, Nanda’s father, Rajib’s father-in-regulation, Samaresh and Amaresh’s more youthful brother-in-regulation.
Prriyam Chakroborty / Kaushambi Chakraborty as Sreenanda Mitra née Laha aka Nanda:Rajib’s spouse; Ratul’s elder sister-in-regulation, Siddhartha, Sreetama, Sandy and Nipa’s paternal elder cousin sister, Dhara’s elder maternal cousin-in-law.
Sourav Chatterjee as Rajib Mitra: Nanda’s husband; Ratul’s elder brother, Siddhartha, Sreetama, Sandy and Nipa’s paternal elder cousin brother-in-law, Dhara’s elder maternal cousin.
Diya Mukherjee as Sreetama Mitra née Modak aka Sree: Ratul’s spouse; Siddhartha’s more youthful sister, Nanda, Sandy and Nipa’s cousin sister, Rajib’s sister-in-regulation.
Uday Pratap Singh as Ratul Mitra: Sree’s husband; Rajib’s younger brother, Nipa’s former love hobby, Sid, Nanda, Sandy, Nipa’s brother-in-law, Dhara’s more youthful maternal cousin, Mithai’s exact buddy.
Dhrubajyoti Sarkar as Somdeb Modak (née Basu) aka Som: Torsha’s husband; Tridibesh and Joyeeta’s biological son; Arati’s adoptive son, Siddhartha and Sreetama’s adoptive elder brother, Mithai’s rival.
Tonni Laha Roy as Torsha Modak née Roy aka Tess: Som’s spouse, Siddhartha’s former pal and colleague, Reboti’s daughter, Siddhartha’s former lover, Mithai’s arch rival.
Biswabasu Biswas / Omkar Bhattacharya as Sandip Modak aka Sandy: Siddhartha and Nanda’s younger cousin brother, Sreetama’s elder cousin brother, Nipa’s elder brother, Mithai and Ratul’s brother-in-law.
Oindrila Saha as Sreenipa Modak aka Nipa: Siddhartha, Sreetama, Nanda’s more youthful cousin sister, Sandy’s younger sister, Ratul’s former love interest, Rudra’s love interest, Dhara’s rival.
Fahim Mirza as ACP Rudradeb Banerjee aka Rudra / Ruddy: Siddhartha’s senior and his buddy, Mithai’s declared brother, Nipa and Basundhara’s love interest.
Mithai’s maiden circle of relatives
Boni Mukherjee as Parbati Das née Saha: Mithai’s mother, Siddhartha’s mother in regulation, Aroti’s near friend.
Debrishi Chatterjee as Gulmohar Das aka Gulti: Mithai’s younger cousin brother.
Suchandra Banerjee as Saswati Das: Mithai’s Aunt, Gulti’s Mother.
Aditi Chatterjee as Reboti Roy: Torsha’s mom, a corrupt legal professional.
Neil Chatterjee as Aditya Agarwal: Siddhartha’s formative years pal and Modak family commercial enterprise rival’s son.
Arghya Mukherjee as Animesh Mitra: Rajib and Ratul’s father, Nanda and Sree’s father-in-law.
Sanjuktaa Roy Chowdhury as Susmita Mitra née Pal: Rajib and Ratul’s mother, Nanda and Sree’s mom-in-law.
Niladri Lahiri as Arunesh Ghosh: PCG Kolkata department head and Siddhartha’s boss.
Partha Sarathi Deb as Sushovan Ghosh: Sushoma’s elder brother.
Indranil Mallick as Indra: Sreetama’s senior, buddy and also her one-sided lover.
Samir Biswas as Swami Achutananda Maharaj: Gurudeb of Ashram (Gurukunja).
Debargha Majumdar as Gopal Gosai: Maharaj’s student.
Anindya Chakrabarti as Dr. Tridibesh Basu aka Tridib: Samaresh’s near buddy; Jayeeta’s former lover, Som’s organic father.
Rupsha Guha as Joyeeta Dutta: Samaresh’s former girlfriend; Tridibesh’s former lover, Som’s organic mom.
Arkoja Acharya as Basundhara Basu aka Dhara: an IPS Officer; Rudra’s near buddy, Rajib and Ratul’s maternal cousin.
Raktim Samanta as Ganeswar Modak aka Ghontu: Modak own family’s relative, Nosu’s son, Siddeshwar’s grandnephew, Makhon’s brother.
Debapratim Dasgupta as Nosu: Ghontu’s father, Samu, Amu and Apa’s cousin brother.