Luwizo married three sisters together

Luwizo married three sisters together

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Marriage is a social bond or legal contract through which a marital relationship is established between a man and a woman.

Although the definition of marriage varies from culture to culture in different countries, marriage in general is a bond through which intimate and sexual relations gain social recognition. Some get married, some get married more than once.

In the world of Bengali film, Mahanayak once said, Neiko Lov is the only one who has a sore throat.

He uttered this on behalf of middle class Bengalis.

But even if there is no interest in having more than one middle-class wife, there is no point in thinking that everyone will be like that. In the African country of Congo, a young man is seen marrying three sisters together.

This amazing love story and the picture of the smiling groom swaying in the lap of three brides has gone viral.

The British media outlet The Mirror and the Indian media outlet Sangbad daily reported that the young man’s name was Lubizo.

The 32-year-old is married to three sisters Natasha, Nateli and Nadegi. How did that happen? I first met Natalie.

The conversation on social media gradually turned into love. So far so good, it’s almost like a familiar love story.

But then Story May Twist. Lubizor soon formed a relationship with the three sisters together. After that, the three sisters agreed.

If you get married, all three of you have to get married. Inevitably, Lubizo agreed. He unanimously admits that the matter is strange.

Reportingly, my parents still can’t believe what happened.

But it was understood that Lubizo was not surprised.

How did the three sisters agree to marry one? In this context, their answer is that they have been sharing everything since childhood.

So they did not have any problem to share. All three said in a loud voice that they were happy to have Lubizo.

After all the fairy tales were over, they started living happily ever after.

The story of Lubizo and his wife, of course, is true. In the midst of growing marital strife and divorce, the story of a man’s happy life with three women is as long as a fairy tale.