Legal Notice Sent to Pori Moni She Not Divorce Her Prior Husband

Legal Notice Sent to Pori Moni She Not Divorce Her Prior Husband

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A lawyer in Comilla has questioned the legality of actor Shariful Raj’s marriage to actress Pori Moni, alleging that he remarried after divorcing his husband about ten years ago. He has sent a legal notice to Pori Moni-Raj seeking proof of marriage. The notice said legal action would be taken if no reply was received within the next seven working days. “If no response is received within the next seven working days, legal action will be taken”.

Comilla Judge Court lawyer Joynal Abedin on Tuesday (February 15th) confirmed the matter to the media about the notice sent to Mazhari Pori Moni and Raj. According to the notice, you (Pori Moni) first married Ferdous Kabir Sourav of Keshabpur Police Station in Jessore on April 26, 2012 at a price of Tk 1 lakh. I found out from the media on January 22, you are child-bearing. You have said that she got married to Shariful Raj on October 16, 2021. Being an established actress, you have a lot of followers. I fear that your actions will have a negative impact on the society.

The notice further said that out of respect for customary law and religious law, you will disclose when and where the divorce with Sourav took place in the next seven days. Shariful will respond to the notice by attaching a copy of the marriage cabin with Raj. “Otherwise I will be forced to take legal action against you”.

Gias Uddin Selim’s Gunin movie is the identity of the two. Then love. After that, on January 1, the marriage was solemnized by Pori Moni and Raj. Where cabin is done for 101 rupees. Pori Moni is currently away from shooting due to unborn child. He said that he will return to work after giving birth to a child. There are currently several movies starring the fairy waiting to be released.