In the lap of the hill, he made a reel with Hindi romantic songs

In the lap of the hill, he made a reel with Hindi romantic songs

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For the last one year, the series Mithai has been entertaining the viewers on the television screen.

Sweets held the number one spot for this one year.

However, in the recent run of the new hit series Gantchhara of the rival channel Star Jalsa, Mithai has lost that number one position. But at the moment, the director of the ‘Sweet’ series is desperate to get back to that place.

All the fans of the series know that the reunion of Nipa and Rudradar is going on at the moment.

Halla Party has done a lot of tricks and explained to Rudrada the responsibility of Nipar’s mind.

After many shoots, Rudrada fell in love with Nipa. This time, Uchchebabu is planning with Halla Party to give Mithai a birthday surprise.

Needless to say, Tufan Mel and Dadu’s grandson are in love with each other.

You have to keep an eye on the screen of Zee Bangla to see what will happen next on the screen of the series.

Recently, Mithai shared an episode of the series where it is seen that Pardar Mithai is making a reel video of a Hindi Bollywood song in a hilly outfit.

The actress has made a reel with the song Khoi Khoi Ankhome. The sweet team went to Mirik for the outdoor shooting of the series.

Mithai Rani made this video in the midst of shooting there. At the moment this reel video of hers has gone viral among her fans.

The actress has been praised by some of her fans. Here is the video.

Music is a journey and vice-versa, for a journey can be musical if you know what songs to play while travelling.

We are pretty sure you all have your own travel playlist ready and updated from time to time.

These playlists are life savers and I am sure must also be your favourite Hindi travel songs whenever you are on a trip; irrespective of the mode of commute.

You could be on a road trip, a train travel or a flight; travelling solo vacation or on a group expedition, your kind of music always gives you the company you want!
But they are for the road, the destination, the experience; what about songs for the traveller inside you? What are the songs that you imagine or hum when you put on your traveller’s garb? What are the songs that keep on reminding you that life is a journey and you are onto it because you are born for it, made for it, moulded for it?

There are songs for travel, and there are songs for travellers. Today, we are writing about the latter: