I am not an agent of any political party Mizanur Rahman Azhari

I am not an agent of any political party Mizanur Rahman Azhari

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Mizanur Rahman Azhari is one of the best commentators of the present time. The popular speaker of the country said, I am not an agent of any political party.

Azhari said this in a status given on his verified Facebook page at 12:15 pm on Wednesday.

His status was highlighted exactly-

I am not an agent or product of any party. No other political party has funded my education. Lies seem to have turned into an epidemic in this country.

And when that is publicly, in the media, from the mouth of a high-ranking official of the country, then there is nothing to do but regret and pray for guidance.

If you go against your own thoughts and opinions, a cheap tag is put in this country. And that is Jamaat Shibir.

Now you are the child of a freedom fighter or a true patriot in your heart. That doesn't matter. This tactic of suppressing dissent could wreak havoc on the fate of the entire nation.

A Da'i Ilallah has no party. He belongs to all groups, all people. They should be given the opportunity to serve the religion in a comprehensive manner without party affiliation.

There should be an environment where people from all walks of life can be enlightened by them.

I am not anti-government. I am against injustice. Therefore, it is our moral duty to talk about any wrongdoing.

This time, no matter what he does wrong, no matter which party he belongs to.

Personally, I have no interest in the politics of this country. Social activity and da'wah activity are the main focus of my interest.

My mission is to promote the beauty of Islam's moderation in this country. Which is called Al-Wasatiyah in Arabic.

To create a balanced Muslim in life, a balance in thought, a balance in work, and a balance in behavior.

I am as respectful as ever about dissent. I respect and love all Muslims like my brother. I pray with all my heart for their salvation.

I don't like to follow anyone, throw mud and keep jealousy in my heart about any Muslim brother. Because Islam did not teach me that. And the ideal of the beloved prophet is not like that.

I want scholars of different denominations to practice tolerance and mutual respect. The effect of their generosity is felt by all classes of people in Paruk country.

Avoiding narrowness and inferiority, let all the followers of the religion spread the goodness of the Qur'an and Sunnah all over the country, all over the world.