Free Dropshipping Courses

Free Dropshipping Courses

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Free dropshipping guides are a amazing manner to analyze dropshipping, for… unfastened!

No want to shop for an high priced dropshipping route in 2022. I will come up with 17 outstanding options below on the way to provide you with quite a few information about dropshipping for free.

This way, you can spend your money in your dropshipping business instead of learning the way to start dropshipping.
Are dropshipping publications well worth the money in 2022?
Let me start off by way of saying that most paid dropshipping publications out there are highly-priced, like $500+.

Now, allow me ask you this question: would you alternatively spend your difficult-earned money to improve and grow your dropshipping business, or do you need to study dropshipping for that same sum of money?

You will study beneath that there are such a lot of methods to study dropshipping free of charge.

This way you could keep your tough-earned cash and spend it to begin and develop your dropshipping store!

That’s remarkable, right?

If you want to research greater about these experts and why they’re selling courses, I recommend analyzing my different article under:

6 Things That Dropshipping Gurus Do Not Tell You As Beginner
The 17 nice loose dropshipping courses of 2022
So, are you ready to save some money?

Below you’ll discover 17 wonderful unfastened dropshipping courses. There may be plenty of distinct options like YouTube, Ebooks, and the loose guides platform from Shopify referred to as Shopify Learn.

I desire this manner I can open your eyes so that you can see that there are quite a few options to research dropshipping at no cost!

Shopify Learn (Previously Shopify Compass)
This splendid path from Shopify, made by using Corey Ferreira, carries 23 instructions. It covers a lot, like finding your area of interest and getting your first sale.

Do you recognize what’s even extra tremendous approximately Shopify Learn?

The dropshipping direction is not the handiest unfastened course they have got! Some examples are:

Ecommerce Email Marketing one hundred and one
search engine optimization schooling for Beginners
Google Ads for Ecommerce
And much extra:
Plus, remember the fact that Shopify Learn is loose, so you can analyze from them even if you presently don’t have a shop at the Shopify platform.

Click here to visit the free dropshipping direction from Shopify.

And you can click here if you want to see the relaxation of the unfastened publications on Shopify

Do Dropshipping free Shopify dropshipping course
Alright, this might be a little self-promotion here, but I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think it would be valuable for you!

If you want to learn dropshipping for free, then my complete Shopify dropshipping guide will help you with that

Quick warning, it’s a huge article! But it contains everything you need to know to create your own Shopify dropshipping store in 2022.

It contains 20 easy to follow steps and almost 6000 words. How awesome is that?

If you’re interested in checking it out and learning more about Shopify dropshipping, I suggest clicking on the link below.

Shopify Dropshipping Complete Guide 2022: Create Your Store!
Facebook Blueprint
Yes, this is not a free dropshipping course, but for most dropshipping store owners, Facebook is one of their most important advertisement platforms.

That’s why I think it’s great to learn it from the best. You can learn a lot about Facebook And Instagram for free here.

You can become a Facebook Ad expert with these free courses from Facebook!

I mean, who knows Facebook better than Facebook themselves, right? You can even take an exam to become a Facebook certified professional.

This might be hard if you’re just beginning, but it’s still awesome that it’s possible, and maybe you can set passing a Facebook exam as a goal for your future!

It’s always great to have goals in your life.

Click here to go to the free course from Facebook.

7 awesome free YouTube dropshipping courses
Some great information about dropshipping is on YouTube for free.

Just be careful with most of those so-called gurus. Like I said before, their only goal is to sell you something like a course !

I suggest watching these videos below, but if you don’t like what you see or you already know it, just skip a bit.

Don’t forget to take everything from these gurus with a grain of salt, and only apply what you like.

Don’t think like, Oh, but he made millions with that super-secret tactic I need to do exactly that, and I will be rich tomorrow !

No, you will not.

It takes time and hard work before you succeed; I’m sorry if that crushed your dreams, but you need to treat your dropshipping store like a real business in order to succeed!

Also, most of these gurus use Shopify I do too but you can use any ecommerce platform that you like.You can find Shopify alternatives here

Dropshipping basics
Below you will find some awesome free dropshipping courses that will certainly show you most of the basics of dropshipping.

The best thing about it ?
You will learn dropshipping for free!
Free Shopify dropshipping course by Kamil Satter
This is a 5-hour YouTube video that takes you through everything that you need to know as a dropshipping beginner. It’s created by Kamil Satter.

He also put timestamps in the description in case you already know a bit about dropshipping!
Free dropshipping course by Verum Ecom
The next free course is a video by Verum Ecom that covers exactly how his store MosquitoTrapX did over 500k in just two months with dropshipping.
Masterclass Shopify dropshipping by Dave Ying
This is a free dropshipping course from a guy named Dave Ying.

Do you know what the great thing about this video is?

It’s almost eight hours long!

It includes a lot of information regarding dropshipping. If you already know a bit about dropshipping, I suggest checking out his video description. He has put the timestamps there.

Free Shopify dropshipping course by Ivy Zhu
This free course is made by a guy named Ivy Zhu.

You will see his journey from $0 to $580,040 in eight months. He will show you the ups and downs he experienced.

Free Shopify dropshipping course by Arie Scherson
This is a beginner-friendly tutorial made by a guy named Arie Scherson.

This is one of these typical gurus. He sells his course a lot in his videos. The same goes for this free course he made.

I hope you can see that after you have viewed this video, you can learn a lot about dropshipping for free.

But still, he has some great information for dropshipping beginners within this video.

Creating video ads for your dropshipping store
Ads are the most important thing for your dropshipping store. Most stores won’t survive without them. Except, if you’re focusing on free traffic.
That’s why I thought I would include two awesome videos that will show you the basics of creating video ads for your dropshipping store.

Free course creating Facebook video ads by Rick Hayes
This video is made by a guy named Rick Hayes.

He shows you how to create high-converting Facebook video ads using Camtasia Studio.

How to make dropshipping video ads that sell by Tristan Broughton
This is not really a course, but it’s still a great video to learn how to create video ads for your dropshipping store for free.

Free Udemy dropshipping courses
Another great place to find free dropshipping courses is Udemy.

You can search for dropshipping or anything else you want to learn, like marketing and sort the price on Free!

Personally, I think the paid courses are better on Udemy than the free courses, but this article is about free dropshipping courses!

But still, the paid ones are mostly between $10 and $15!

You will also see that there are more paid dropshipping courses on Udemy than free courses.

Click here to go to Udemy and search for free dropshipping courses.

Free Udemy dropshipping courses examples
Here are two free examples that I found on Udemy about dropshipping:

Dropshipping with Aliexpress: Build and Launch your Store
How To Start Dropshipping With Shopify & Aliexpress

Free dropshipping courses: Ebooks
Ebooks are another great way to learn dropshipping for free.

Yes, they might not be the video courses that you expect, but they contain a lot of awesome and free information about dropshipping and other related topics.

Oberlo the order processing Shopify app for dropshipping has a lot of these Ebooks.

Click here to go to the free Ebooks from Oberlo.

Free Oberlo Ebooks examples
Below you will find a list of a few of Oberlo’s Ebooks that I suggest that you read. You will surely learn a lot from them:

21 Days to Your First Dropshipping Sale
Dropshipping 101: Ecommerce Without Inventory
50 Ways to Get Sales With Dropshipping

Free dropshipping courses: Blogs
There is a lot of free information about dropshipping available on the internet.

You saw that with the other things on this list, like Ebooks and YouTube.

Another great place to learn new things about dropshipping or anything else you want to learn are blogs.

Take as an example my blog called Do Dropshipping.

It will contain I’m still working on it, but I published a lot of articles already all the information you need to start a dropshipping store in 2022!

Even better, all the information is free for you.

Awesome, right?

And there are many more blogs and websites out there where you can learn dropshipping and ecommerce for free! Just take a look at the article I’ve linked below:

Top 10 Dropshipping & Ecommerce Blogs | Learn for Free!

Free courses: Google Digital Garage
You probably know this tool already: Google Analytics. It’s a great free tool to keep track of your visitors. You can do so much with this tool.

Google has a great free course where you can learn everything about Google Analytics.

You can even take an exam just like with the courses from Facebook to get certified!

Another great place from Google to learn new things is the Google Digital Garage. They explain best themselves:

Gain the skills you need, whether you’re growing your business, starting a career, or just want to try something new.

Google Digital Garage
You can learn a lot about different subjects. For example, marketing, promoting your business, and even some basic coding.

Bonus: The 16 best free ecommerce courses
If you’re currently thinking, Awesome, I know how the dropshipping business model works now, but what about all the other skills I need?

Then you’re in luck!

I collected the 16 best free ecommerce courses where you can learn tons of skills for your dropshipping store. Like learning more about design, marketing, and much more.

If you’re interested in learning more skills for free, I definitely suggest you read it:

The 16 Best Free Ecommerce Courses for Entrepreneurs in 2022

So, there you have it! 17 awesome free courses that will help you start or grow your dropshipping business.

I hope you now see that there is a lot of information about dropshipping, and running a business in general, available on the internet for free.

No need to spend your hard-earned money on a course from some internet guru.

If you were thinking about buying a dropshipping course before, then I hope I have changed your mind with this article, and if not, don’t forget to read this other article about dropshipping gurus as well.

And if all of that wasn’t enough information for you to learn for free, then check out these top ecommerce and marketing podcasts here that you can listen to for free!

If you have any other free dropshipping courses for this list, or if you have any questions regarding dropshipping, then let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the Contact Us button at the top!

Getting started with dropshipping in 2022
So, are you ready to get started with dropshipping? Or maybe you have already started, but you’re looking to get some inspiration?

If so, I suggest reading this complete Shopify dropshipping guide.

It’s a huge article, but it contains everything that you need to know to create your own Shopify dropshipping store in 2022. It’s like a dropshipping course, but for free!

Reading this article will help you to get started and stay motivated while beginning and continuing your dropshipping journey.

Just don’t forget that success takes time. Keep improving each and every day!

Shopify Dropshipping Complete Guide 2022: Create Your Store!

Here are the articles I suggest you read next:

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Also, if you haven’t created a Shopify account yet to get your dropshipping store online, then you can click here to get a free 14-day trial!

My name is Richard, and I created Do Dropshipping after I saw so many paid dropshipping courses popping up. The goal of Do Dropshipping is to put these gurus out of business by giving everyone access to the information that they need to start their own dropshipping business today. No more paid dropshipping courses!

Entrepreneurship is a key that can unlock positive changes in a lot of people’s lives. That said, it can be pretty daunting to start your own brand new business if you’ve never done it before.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Many successful entrepreneurs and brands have worked to create educational content like dropshipping courses – to teach their audiences the ins and outs of running an online business.

Not all courses are created equally, though.

Some dropshipping courses are more suited towards people looking to start their own dropshipping business than others.

So, if you’re looking for the best dropshipping courses to take in 2021, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve sat through dozens of hours of dropshipping course content to bring you this post we’ve compiled a list of the best dropshipping courses to take in 2021.

We’ll let you know our favorite things about each course, who it’s most appropriate for, and how much it costs. And at the end of this post you’ll know exactly which course is best for you.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

What is a Dropshipping Course?
A dropshipping course is essentially a series of educational lessons that are aimed at helping entrepreneurs of all backgrounds who are interested in starting their own dropshipping businesses.

These courses range in lengths – some only last a few hours, while others are 10+ hours long. However, they all cover fairly similar structures.

Essentially, they all teach you about ecommerce, and the steps that you need to take to start your own dropshipping business.

So, if you’ve been asking yourself, How do I learn to dropship? a dropshipping course could be a fantastic option for you.

And if you’ve been wondering how to choose the best products for your store, or you’ve been looking for some dropshipping tips to help you scale your online sales, you’re looking in the right place.

Of course, some online courses are aimed at total beginners – you can think of those courses as dropshipping for dummies courses while others are more specialised and hone in on certain aspects of ecommerce.

Thankfully though, as there are a wide range of dropshipping courses available, you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits your needs best.

Now, some of that might have seemed obvious, but we wanted to make sure we’re all on the same page before we dive straight into our list of the best dropshipping courses to take in 2021.
What, you didn’t think we were going to include our own dropshipping course on this list?

Honestly, we couldn’t write an article about the best dropshipping courses to take in 2021 and not include Oberlo 101.

Oberlo 101 is the best dropshipping course for people who want to be guided from the very beginning of their journey to their first sale.

We’ve included all of our best tips, tricks, and tactics in Oberlo 101 so that you can take advantage of them and make sure that your store stands above your competition.

But it wasn’t just our best tactics that we included in the course – we also reached out to several six-figure entrepreneurs and invited them to contribute to the course.

Essentially, you’ll gain access to advice from the finest minds in dropshipping when you purchase Oberlo 101.

You’ll learn how to find the most profitable dropshipping products, how to identify your target audience, how to build a brand, how to launch your first Facebook advertising campaigns, and much more.

All in all Oberlo 101 includes 8+ hours of content for just $49.90.

And, of course, it isn’t just the super valuable dropshipping course content that you’ll receive when you purchase Oberlo 101.

You’ll also get access to bonus material like:

Dropshipping budget spreadsheets
Live monthly dropshipping Q&As
Branding color charts
Business name generators
Store policy templates
Oh, and you’ll also get access to any additional content that we add to the course for free.

So, if you’re looking to sign up to a dropshipping course, Oberlo 101 is undoubtedly a great option, regardless of your experience level.

And if you want a sneak peak at the first lesson of Oberlo 101 for free, just watch the video below.

The Product Winner Blueprint
Okay, next up on our list of the best dropshipping courses in 2022 we’ve got The Product Winner Blueprint.

This course, created by Tristan Broughton, is available for $297, and focuses on finding unsaturated products for your dropshipping store.

And, sure, there’s a lot of content on finding products, which is super valuable, but you can bet that there’s just as much material on finding ways to promote those products to an audience of engaged buyers.

The mantra of this course is finding high potential products and scaling quickly.

So, if that sounds like your cup of tea, dive in.

It’s a bit more expensive than other courses, but, if you’re not fully convinced, then you can take advantage of the 100% money back guarantee.

The Dropship Club
The Dropship Club, while a little bit shorter than some of the other courses on this list, is undoubtedly one of the best dropshipping courses in 2022.

You can complete The Dropship Club in just over three hours if you take all of the lessons in a row, which makes it perfect for those budding entrepreneurs who simply don’t have much time to commit to a dropshipping course.

But let me be clear, while this course is a bit shorter, it doesn’t skimp out on value.

You’ll still be able to learn all you need to launch your very own dropshipping business if you take this course.

One thing to take note of though is that this course is priced a little differently.

Instead of charging a flat rate for the full course, it charges on a rolling monthly basis.

That means that you’ll need to pay $67 to get access to the full course initially, but if you want to continue accessing the course after your first month, you’ll be charged $67 every month until you cancel.

On the upside, they do offer monthly Q&As with students, just like with Oberlo 101. So, if you can’t attend you can submit a question in advance and watch it in the recording whenever you have free time.

eCom Dudes Academy
Next up on our list of the best dropshipping courses to take in 2022 we’ve got eCom Dudes Academy.

This course is run by ecommerce entrepreneur Dan DaSilva, who’s a popular figure in the entrepreneur community on YouTube, and is focused around building an ecommerce business that makes six figures, quickly.

You can expect deep dives into product research, marketing campaigns, and even funnel tactics.

In general, the content in this course is aimed more towards intermediate to advanced ecommerce entrepreneurs, so it might not be the best option for total beginners.

But, that said, it does have a pretty affordable price point at $47. If you’re on the fence you might want to check out some of Dan’s content on YouTube to see if you like his content before you purchase.

The Royal Blueprint
Last but not least we’ve got The Royal Blueprint, which is a dropshipping course created by serial entrepreneur, Chris Waller.

It’s one of the best online courses for entrepreneurs. Why? Because it really dives deep into the ins and outs of running an online business.

You can expect lessons on topics that focus on choosing a domain name, writing product descriptions, setting up your first ad, and much more.

This course is one of the more expensive ones on our list of the best dropshipping courses for 2022, at $297, but if you try out the course and find that you don’t like it, you’ll receive a refund as long as you’ve watched less than 20 percent.

There’s no rush to complete the course either once you’ve purchased it you can work through in your own time.

Why Take a Dropshipping Course?
Taking a dropshipping course can prove to be a very fruitful endeavor for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner who is just looking to dip their toes into the world of ecommerce, or if you’re a seasoned veteran, there’s a dropshipping course out there for you.

For total beginners, dropshipping courses will arm them with the knowledge that they need to be confident in choosing products to sell online, building and designing their own online store, and launching their first marketing campaigns.

And if you’ve already got some experience running online businesses, dropshipping courses are still super valuable, especially if you’re looking to try out some new tactics. Shopify dropshipping could really take your business to the next level.

That’s because dropshipping with Shopify will allow you to test new products quickly, without ever worrying about holding inventory. And from those tests you’ll undoubtedly gain valuable insights about your audience.

Sounds good, right?

Should I Take a Course on Dropshipping?
You’ve already seen our list of the best dropshipping courses to take in 2022.

That means that, right now, you’ve got all the information that you need to choose the best dropshipping course for you.

When you’re making your decision, remember to consider the price, the amount of content, the additional resources, and post-course support that are offered.

All of those things are super important when you’re choosing a dropshipping course, so make sure that you consider them when you’re picking your first dropshipping course.

And if you’re not ready to purchase a dropshipping course just yet, don’t worry.

There’s still a ton of content out there that you can check out to learn about dropshipping in the meantime.

Take a browse through our blog or our YouTube channel while you’re making your decision there’s always time to learn more and improve your skills as an entrepreneur.

If you’ve got any questions about dropshipping courses, Oberlo 101, or ecommerce in general, feel free to drop them in the comments section below we read them all.