Find out how many properties the owner of the raw nuts world famous musician

Find out how many properties the owner of the raw nuts world famous musician?

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One of the most popular songs on social media right now is the song Kacha Badam sung by Birbhum artist Bhuvan Badyakar.

The song is currently going viral on social media and YouTube, and millions of people have already heard and watched it.

Whether you like Facebook, YouTube or social media reels, this song is now viral everywhere.

The song has become extremely popular at the moment on every social media platform.

But the most interesting thing is that the singer of this song is actually a nut seller.

This person’s name is Bhuvan Badyakar and he lives in Kuraljuri village in Laxminarayanpur panchayat area of ​​Birbhum.

This raw almond song created by him is starting to become hugely popular on every platform of social media right now.

This song of his is being heard everywhere at the moment and everyone is making reel videos and dance videos to the tune of this song.

People of all ages, starting with children, have made at least one video with this song.

Bhuvan Babu said in an interview that when he was young he wanted to grow up to be a musician.

Then, under the pressure of the world, he had to make a living as a nut seller. However, talent can never be suppressed, especially when there is such a large social media platform, there is never any talent suppressed.

In his early life he performed music for the Baul group and for various small song groups. He has sung in many different places.

But naturally, after marriage, a lot of responsibility falls on her shoulders.

After that he has to give up his desire to sing and focus on his work. At that time his financial situation was not very good.

That’s why he himself did different kinds of work in different places. He worked as a mason for a while.

Then again he had to do the baby business, Khoya Kshir’s business, everything to support the family.

He went into business from a very young age, so he understands the business very well.

But then comes a situation in his family where he has to quit all these businesses due to financial pressure and finally he has to start his life by selling nuts.

Selling nuts is not a very high. So he had to create various interesting strategies by himself.

From there comes the concept of this raw almond song. In fact, he composed this song when Bhuvan Babu was selling khoya milk.

Later, Bhuvan Badyakar composed a new song by adding almond words in place of Khoya Kshir. He sang all day and sold nuts.

Some would have sold more, but he would not have made such a profit. Suddenly one day, his song went viral on social media.

He himself is very happy about this. But how does the world musician feel after going viral? In response to this question, he once said that he feels very good about being viral.

Everyone is watching his song on mobile and praising his song, he likes this very much.

He is very happy with his own voice, his own melody, his own words that are reaching so many people. He also said that more people are coming to buy things from him for this song.

But the real question is, what is the value of this viral world musician’s property at the moment? Bhuvan himself is from a very poor family and he lives with his whole family in one room.

However, his life changed a lot after he went viral. At the moment he also sang a song with Godhulibela Music Company in Birbhum for which he got absolutely three lakh rupees.

Also many people from different places have helped him and promised to repair his house.

At one time his property was only 40,000 rupees and from there he is a millionaire today. Really, there is no impossibility that social media can’t do!