Elias case, Subah could be arrested

Elias case, Subah could be arrested

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Model and actress Shah Humaira Subah married well-known singer Ilyas Hossain on December 1 last year. Within a month of the marriage, the family began to break up.

Subah then brought one allegation after another against Elias. This time her husband singer Elias filed a case in the name of Humaira.

He filed the case under the Digital Security Act at Hatirjheel Police Station on February 18. Elias himself confirmed the matter to the media. Elias claims that Subah may be arrested in the case.

Elias said in his case file that Subah had defamed Elias by presenting false and fabricated information in his name through social media from December 26 to February 15.

Elias mentions in the document that in the last week of November 2019, Subah met Iche Elias at a restaurant. At the time, Subah said, Elias looked like his ex-boyfriend cricketer Nasir Hossain.

Then he got Elijah’s mobile number and called again and again. At one stage the singer received the call. Their conversation on the phone continues to freeze.

Elias and Subah got married on December 1 last year. However, the trouble started a few days after the marriage. Subah alleged that Elias had remarried without divorcing his second wife.

Elias alleges that Subah married him after trapping him. In the midst of all this mudslinging, Elias moved to Dubai. Subah filed a case against him.

The singer recently surrendered in the case and took bail in advance.

Subah came to discuss the issue of having a relationship with cricketer Nasir Hossain.

He later acted in a few movies. Although no movie has been released yet.

It is to be mentioned that in 2019, Subah Rafiq came to the discussion from the masterpiece of Sikder’s Spring Afternoon movie.

Then the people in the cinema know Subah. After that Subah has acted in 6 films one by one. Although no pictures have been released so far.

However, he came up at the peak of the discussion. Elias made a name for himself as a musician. However, he has not been in the music for a long time.