Civil society doesn’t accept me, so I’m moving away from acting

Civil society doesn’t accept me, so I’m moving away from acting

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Civil society doesn’t accept me, so I’m moving away from acting

The word Hero Alam is very popular not only in Bangladesh but in all parts of Asia.

Recently, Hero Alam has been repeatedly insulted by visiting the FDC over the election of the Film Artists Association. He came to his Facebook live and expressed his sorrow in a tearful voice. Now he has decided to stop making movies and not go to FDC.
He further said that yesterday (January 30) FDC director Shahen Summon insulted many people and kicked me out. I will not speak against anyone else, I will not go to FDC, I will not make any film.
In a tone of regret, Hero Alam said, what have I not done for this film! Because I love movies, I make movies with money earned from Facebook, YouTube, various concerts. But some people at FDC say I’m ruining the movie. So don’t let any good artist work with me. So from today I decided not to do any movie.
Incidentally, members of 18 film organizations were not allowed to enter the FDC during the FDC election of the Shilpa Samiti held on January 26. And so there is tension between the leaders and workers of the organization. Leaders and activists of 18 organizations have called for a continuous strike demanding three points to avenge their humiliation.
Bora’s son Ashraful Hossain Alam. Why? I am talking about him today because he is a popular person. Not only me but many national and international media have already published news about him.
Now why is Hero Alam so popular? Hiro Alam was a child of a very ordinary family. His main source of livelihood was first selling Chana Chur, then a CD cassette shop and then getting involved in the cable operator (DIS) business. From there, he started acting with various popular songs. Which is called music video.
Then several of her song modeling videos went viral on social media. Since then, various media have contacted him. From then on, his journey started in full swing. He is seen in various short film dramas. They are quite popular. Seeing all these popular of his, various directors contacted him. He has been seen in a total of five movies, two of which have been released and the other three are awaiting release.
1.38 million Recently, the number of followers of his Facebook page is 2 million. Dad is so popular that he has so many followers. Yes, he is really a popular actor in Bangladesh. But behind it is a tragic history that no one could have imagined. He has always been a victim of harassment. He had to go through many ups and downs to cross this path.
Succeeding is not an easy task. It is a difficult task for any man or woman. That is more difficult for a lowly person.

There is no need to think and pay attention to what others are thinking
Faith famous comedian and author Joe Brand says there is no need for others to care about you.
Because you can believe what you think about yourself without the approval of others.

I don’t care what others think of me. I like my own look, but many more people seem to dislike it.

I’ve learned to believe that what looks good to me doesn’t always matter.

It doesn’t matter to my friends or those who love me. I think it’s important to remember that.
Change perspectives
A lot of times at some bad moment we think our life is over or these things are not possible from here on out.

But that can be thought of differently, as we may think that the seeds of something new have been sown. We can start the history of new life again.

Actress Kelsey O’Keefe says, I firmly believe that you have to decide what you think about your life or your decision.

We need to make it a habit to look positively.
Violence destroys people’s righteous deeds
Violence and hatred are among the worst aspects of human nature. Mutual animosity, jealousy, quarrels, etc. in the individual, family and society make the peaceful life of the people very sad. This made people’s personal, family, social and national life miserable. The desire to become the owner of one’s own by destroying or destroying the happiness, peace and wealth of others is called Hasid in Arabic.

Violence is a deadly contagious disease. Violence originates and develops from the low mentality of man, jealousy, lust for wealth, greed for position.
For the sake of Hero Alam, I would like to say that you should stay away from the decision and move forward at your own pace no matter what the critics say. To reach the pinnacle of success, of course, there will be many obstacles. One thing to keep in mind is that people who are criticized are popular at the end of the day.