Best story of SEO

Best story of SEO

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What does search engine optimization mean? A Story Based Explanation
search engine optimization stands for seo. Search engine optimization is a complete of work creating a internet site properly-performing for seeps. A website performs nicely if a few practical’s had been made whilst growing the internet site or after growing the internet site. I will explain search engine marketing seo by way of a tale named Dr. Search engine marketing.

Dr. SEO Starts with on-web page SEO and…

Dr. SEO is a professional doctor. He examines web sites which can be created or in the procedure of creation. A website named Google indexes websites and dr. Search engine optimization does all of the realistic and technical medications for web sites. A website that sells Apple era merchandise becomes ill one day. He applies to dr. Search engine marketing, and dr. Search engine optimization study him. Dr. SEO calls this examination an search engine optimization audit. Dr. SEO makes use of some tools to have a look at websites that need medication for a healthier and nicely-finished lifestyles. By the manner, search engines like google and yahoo index those websites after dr. Search engine marketing’s medicals
Dr. SEO uses some tools to examine his sufferers to make an search engine optimization audit. One of the device’s names is Screaming Frog, and the opposite one is the SEMrush tool. Dr. Search engine optimization starts of evolved with the Screaming Frog device and examines the internet site.

What does search engine marketing imply? What does search engine optimization suggest?
Screaming Frog Site Audit Tool
Dr. SEO Examine The Website via Site Audit Tools Screaming Frog and SEMrush

After his examination, he reveals errors and corrects after which does his sensible medicines as in the screenshot above, dr. SEO examines the website in many respects. Those are;
Response codes of internet site.
Url shape, URL length, and different URL associated issues
Page identify troubles
Meta description problems
h1 and h2 utilization troubles
Content related troubles
photograph-associated issues.

What does search engine marketing mean? What does search engine optimization suggest?
Dr. SEO Does His Medication on Page Errors

After an exam, Dr. Search engine marketing does his practical’s like; removal redirection and not determined issues as 3xx and 4xx mistakes. Recreating the wrong URLs that are too lengthy over one hundred fifteen characters and other parameters like if underscores had been used or now not—recreating incorrect established web page titles like beneath 30 or over 60 characters, and many others. Meta description problems. Because meta descriptions should be between 130 characters to one hundred sixty characters.H1 and h2 utilization problems, and photograph-associated issues.

What does search engine marketing suggest? What does search engine optimization mean?
Site Errors that Dr. SEO has to Medicate

For an most fulfilling internet site, those values have to be taken into account, and they’re actual and very essential.

URL have to be brief and mustn’t be over a hundred and fifteen characters because of Google and other search engines like google like short URLs.
Instead of _underscores use -sprint in the URLs.
Page titles ought to be over 30 and under 60. An most appropriate amount is fifty five characters.
For a mobile-pleasant website, 130 characters are correct, and a hundred and fifty five characters are most fulfilling for laptop view. Use your selection for a cell-first internet site. And use a hundred thirty characters.
There need to usually be an h1 and h2 in your website pages.
Your content material issues. There mustn’t be double contents in your internet site
Your pics should be optimized thru Photoshop or with others. There mustn’t be photographs over a hundred KBS.
Dr. Search engine marketing additionally examines the linking structure and grammatical errors of the internet site.
Dr. Search engine marketing then uses SEMrush to take the SEO audit of the internet site.

What does SEO mean? What does SEO mean?
Now the Time for Keyword Research for Dr. Search engine optimization
After those examinations dr. Search engine marketing makes key-word research to make that website popular in search engines like google. He uses a few tools like Ahrens, SEMrush, key word tool. Io and so on. He chooses high quantity keywords which can be motivating. Dr. SEO also cares for the key-word’s relevance with the website very plenty.

To choose the nice search engine marketing keywords, dr. SEO takes into consideration the ones features. A keyword should have a high volume, low competitiveness, and if possible, it have to be much less hard to rank for. But most significantly it need to be relevant for your quarter.

As you keep in mind Dr. Search engine optimization changed into examining a internet site about Apple generation products. He began to find the first-rate keywords for the internet site. In this way, the internet site will get better indexes on Google and others with the contents that are created throughout the ones key phrases. Now for the so-known as term Apple era merchandise, Dr. Search engine marketing begins key-word studies with keyword tool seasoned, Ahrens and Semrush. And then Dr. SEO comes to a decision on 15 particular key phrases to paintings on them and take the challenge with the internet site’s competitors. After those surgeries, the website will get more healthy from his contamination with the help of the well-known physician search engine optimization.
By the way, dr search engine marketing tells his patient that he must take care of him for at least 6 months and ideally 12 months for higher fulfillment.

What does search engine optimization mean? What does search engine optimization imply?
Dr. Search engine marketing and his assistant Mr. Content

Dr. SEO orders four weblog publish articles from Mr. Content for the website’s well-being. In this way, the internet site turns into extra outgoing and be found together with his buddies through the seeps

Dr SEO creates aggressive analysis

To make the website healthier dry search engine marketing creates competitive evaluation among his pals. Dr search engine optimization examines other web sites that appear more healthy and does some realistic medicinal drugs to make his internet site healthier than the opposite web sites. In this manner, the website will perform than different web sites and his motivation will improve.

What does search engine optimization suggest? What does search engine optimization suggest?
Dr. Search engine marketing does search engine optimization Audit at the third Month Again

Dr. Search engine marketing does a new check-up audit on the 3rd month of the medicine and then sends some facts to authorities offices, instructional establishments, and the website’s household to inform them that his affected person internet site has end up healthier and visitors can go to him from many resources.

Practically dr SEO has completed three-section of medication;

  1. SEO Audit and blunders correction
  2. On-web page SEO
    three. Off-Page search engine marketing

Now at the cease of the 6 months, dr search engine optimization could be very glad and his internet site receives more healthy with the assist of search engine optimization. Now, dry SEO proud of himself. He says to himself each day; Dr. SEO is a professional doctor.