Amy Schumer explains how I Feel Pretty led to love

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Amy Schumer met her better half at the perfect time.

The comedienne wedded gourmet specialist Chris Fischer in February, only a couple a very long time after they began dating. In a new meeting with cautious for her film I Feel Pretty, Schumer said that Fischer showed up in her life as the film wrapped.

It was an ideal time. I was feeling truly incredible about myself. I met him when we were finished recording. I felt truly engaged and I cherished myself, Schumer said. I was prepared to cherish someone. Presently I’m doing press, and it’s truly ideal to have someone in my corner supporting me.

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Self-assurance is likewise the topic of I Feel Pretty. Schumer said she trusts that ladies will see the film and leave feeling more engaged to handle life’s difficulties, particularly teenagers who can be exposed to tormenting.

I wish I could get [girls] at that age just before someone says the principal mean thing to them, Schumer said. Just before the principal menace comes up and says something where you go, ‘Don’t let them. Someone is going to say something to you. Try not to allow that individual to address what your identity is. You know what your identity is, you’re wonderful. Love yourself. We need that as grown-ups, as well.

I Feel Pretty” is in theaters now.